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New Orleans Development Thread


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GREAT to see all these developments NCB. Very impressive ! That is why New Orleans is Louisiana's premier city !!! I love the high-rise condo's; but the warehouse condo's is very interesting. I am sure that it will really revitalize that area ! The D-Day Museum looks nice too !

? Are the Lakeshore Towers by Tammany Holding Corp. in Lakeshore Estates in Slidell still on the board ? The twin condo towers were to be 28 -stories . On a 10 acre island too. Price range of $ 375,000-$1,600,000 !

I was just wondering if the plans were scrapped after Katrina ?

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Does this mean that the Plaza Tower project is back on track? I thought it had been delayed or derailed. This is good to see.

I know they got $25 million in financing shortly after the storm to get the project started. But, I'm still waiting for signs of activity, other than the trailer in place and the chain link fence that surrounds the property.

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HRI Condominiums

Height: Tower 1- 5 storeys, 55 feet Tower 2- 12 storeys 125 feet

Status: Proposed

Location: The Warehouse District-New Orleans

Use: Condo's, Apartments


Is this a new project, or is it the as-yet-incomplete portion of RiverGarden? Looks better than I anticipated.

Also, this thread should include Tracage:


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A great development related article from Times Magazine..

New Orleans: A Future by the River?

Developers are planning for a boom-by the city's waterfront


I'm very exited about the deal that was made with the Port of N.O. to open up four miles of riverfront land for development, I think this area is going to be very developed in the next few years, mostly by high-rises.

IMO, New Orleans is going to have a fantastic skyline in the next decade. :D

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I think people should also remember the Convention Center Expansion. It should resume full construction again this summer. If you havent seen the renderings, it looks totally different from the existing halls. It is much more sleek , and has a wavy glass entrance. Then there is the erato street cruise terminal currently under construction.

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Nothing against Baton Rouge, but I sincerely hope New Orleans is able to return to normal. I hope all those people move back to New Orleans, even if they have to live in high-rise apartments as opposed to flood-prone housing.

My wife and I were counting New Orleans out for the next few years, but we just might have to make it back down there soon. Too bad she's going to be working a lot of overtime on our anniversary this year (March 25,) because otherwise we'd be there.

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