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New Orleans Development Thread


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St.Tammany Parish (North Shore) is part of the New Orleans Metro area....


Washington Parish is part of the Bogalusa Micropolitan statistical area


Tangipahoa Parish is up for debate but New Orleans claims it...


BR has closed the gap...but NOLA is still the premier city in LA IMO...they are working on a nice health district as well...


In 2030 anything is possible...NOLA being basically built in a bowl doesn't bode well....instead of being BR's big brother they may be on a more equal partnership

I totally agree that it is the premier city for the state, it is the most beautiful and compared to BR, densely developed, not to mention the city is recognized globally. BR has a long way to go if they want to out New Orleans, but I think in the end it could turn out like Houston and Dallas. Both are similarly sized (I think Dallas is also larger in terms of metro) and work together to bring economic growth to their state. 


Also, Tangipahoa is currently in its own metropolitan statistical area and I think eventually if the growth along I-10 continues it will be grouped into BR's. And you're right about Tammany...sorry I got that one wrong. 

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I also want to add that the BR Capital Region which could includes the following parishes (depending on where you place Tangipahoa): East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Pointe Coupee, Iberville, Ascension, Livingston, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, Washington, and Assumption has a combined population of 1.2 million while The New Orleans metro only has a population of 976,892. By 2030 that gap will be even larger with the New Orleans metro only be 842,540 strong while Baton Rouge's greater metro area will maintain its 1.2million figure. The population of EBR will go from 445,227 in 2015 to 421,500 in 2030 while Orleans will go from 378,714 in 2015 to 256,010. This is all according official state population records. So even today EBR and its region has overtaken New Orleans and is now equal in population to Atlanta (not metro). 

Where did you get those numbers?

Along with Tangipahoa, Assumption Parish is not part of Baton Rouge MSA. The New Orleans MSA is at 1.24m as of a 2013 estimate. Baton Rouge is at 805k. You are predicting a loss in population for EBR between 2010 and 2030? Is that correct?

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Where did you get those numbers?

Along with Tangipahoa, Assumption Parish is not part of Baton Rouge MSA. The New Orleans MSA is at 1.24m as of a 2013 estimate. Baton Rouge is at 805k. You are predicting a loss in population for EBR between 2010 and 2030? Is that correct?

Look at the numbers from the state and from multiple other resources beyond the Wikipedia estimates. 


Yes, the state is projecting population loss in Orleans and EBR. 

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New $80M Virgin Hotel starts taking bookings as tourism rebounds in New Orleans; look inside


In another sign of revival in the city's hospitality sector, the nearly completed Virgin Hotel New Orleans said Thursday that it has started taking bookings for stays starting on Labor Day of this year.

The 13-story glass, steel and limestone structure on the riverside corner of Baronne and Lafayette streets in the Warehouse District still needs some finishing touches on its balconies and some interior spaces. But the $80 million project is expected to be finished in late June.

That's about about eight months behind its original schedule, a delay that is mainly due to the coronavirus turmoil.


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Shell to move NOLA offices to River District


Shell will relocate the headquarters of its Gulf of Mexico operations from its longtime home on Poydras Street to a new mid-rise building in the planned River District neighborhood, a move that will keep hundreds of high-paying jobs in New Orleans and add a major corporate tenant to the new development.

During a news conference Thursday, local officials from the London-based energy giant said they have leased a custom-designed office building in the development upriver of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. When the building is completed in late 2024 or early 2025, Shell’s 800 local employees will relocate there from the Hancock Whitney Center, the skyscraper that has housed Shell’s local operations since 1972 and until recently was known as One Shell Square.




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