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  1. Tom, I haven't seen your byline lately. Hope you are well. There's an interesting read on the Richmond forum about the John Marshall Hotel. Construction started yesterday on the $66 million retrofit.



  2. Ohr Museum Update In a brief review of BidClerk, I spied a listing for a museum renovation/expansion which could only be the ill-fated Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi. As you may recal, the campus designed by Frank Gehry sustained significant damage from Katrina. I will post as I get more information. I also noticed a listing for a museum expansion in Ocean Springs which I assume is the Walter Anderson Museum. Both projects are good news for an area which has had relatively little good news since Katrina.
  3. In which building is the new sports lounge? Not the Professional Building on the corner?
  4. Indianapolis? Really? I'm speechless. Perhaps the less said about the architecture of Charlotte-Douglas the better. I don't mind going through CLT, but it's a bland experience.
  5. Wasn't a major hotel supposed to be built where the University Shopping Center once stood? I'd thought it was supposed to go up somewhere around where the old theater used to be. I'm surprised that a major hotel hasn't been built immediately next to the LSU campus. BTW, hello again, I know it's been ages. I'm back again.
  6. A colorized versiuon of a photograph of the old Heidelberg Hotel on Capitol Street in downtown Jackson. Click on image for larger view. Original photo courtesy of the Mississippi State University Divital Archive.
  7. I certainly want a streetcar system built here. I would question, however, the ultimate wisdom of building the first segments where they have chosen to build them. It's all very well and good to build them in Anacostia, but it is essential to build streetcars in other areas as well. I haven't seen much of a comprehensive plan- at least not yet.
  8. You must have been staying at the Marriott! Great shot of the Woolfolk State Office Building too!
  9. Terrific shot of the Standard Life Building (aka Tower Building)!
  10. So now it's a sow with good lighting.....To say that this is a disappointment is an understatement. If this were not being built in such a prominent location, I might not mind so much.
  11. I really have not heard much about her just yet. Of course, Washington is pretty insular, so we don't get as much real news here as we ought to. Tell me more....
  12. Thanks for the links. There really is a surprising amount of activity for an otherwise dead market here.
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