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  1. Yeah interest rates, construction costs, and the general state of the housing market + waiting to see what happens with the office market crash everyone is talking about. It wouldn't surprise me if this ones sits dormant for a long time.
  2. Wow that's huge news. That's a major win for Spartanburg County. IMO, its more about opportunity than specific strategy. Milliken and Pacolet Milliken have a long history in the area and a commitment to environmental protection. It's great to see them choose to preserve this land instead of developing it like they've done with similar tracts of land in other places. There is so much development happening on the east side these days, its great to see that they are able to preserve this much land in an area that is sure to see a lot more pressure for growth in the near future. The Central Park complaint makes sense. It's probably used because its the largest and most well known park in the US, and its very publicly accessible, but you're right it will never be anything like that in scope/scale/form/function. For what its worth, My pet peeve is people calling it Lawson's Fork Creek. The correct name is Lawson's Fork. There's no "creek" involved. It's the same concept as Four Mile Branch. it's not a. creek, its a branch. Or, more formally, it was historically labeled as "Lawson's Fork of the Pacolet River."
  3. I think that's definitely on her to do list. IMO, the downtown code is still solid. Given her background I would expect them to expand the form-based concept to the rest of the city - likely with the exception of the more suburban single family neighborhoods like Hilbrook, Camelot and what have you.
  4. Didn't see this mentioned anywhere, but the City of Spartanburg just hired a new planning director. It's been nearly 10 years since the last one left. Presumably Chris Story and Martin Livingston have been providing leadership in that area, but its exciting to see that they've hired someone to be solely focused on that job. I've not heard of hear before, but her varied experience, notably with a strong background in Urban Design, are a plus. I hope that she will stay around a while and get to know the community. https://www.cityofspartanburg.org/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=61
  5. Gotta say I'm disappointed with the bike lane on EDMA. Bike lanes next to on street parking are notoriously dangerous for cyclists, and with a 35mph speed limit you won't see many causal riders. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they did it. Definitely a net positive and a step. in a positive direction. Are they going to stripe on in the eastbound side?
  6. This is just insane to me. Also, the this is terrible land use planning (welcome to Spartanburg County, I guess). A a minimum the roads between the two lots should connect in the back. Ideally you'd have them stub atrets into that single family lot in the middle. It might take 20 yeays but it will turn over into more of the same eventually, then you have a neighborhood with a street network to build off of.
  7. The corer at Henry seems like a missed opportunity for something iconic. Put a clock tower or obelisk or something notable there... anything better than some bushes.
  8. Sugar n' Spice doesn't do it for ya?
  9. For those more in the know than me... is this a relcation or a new office? Seems like Berkshire Hathaway taking an interest in Sparkle City would be newsworthy...
  10. IMO this highlights the biggest problem with Spartanburg County's development code. If you only build single entrance cul-de-sac subdivisions without requiring developers to help expand the street network you end up in situations where you are forced to make awkward fixes. Compound that with 30 years of deferred maintenance and underinvestment by our illustrious General Assembly and you get a wicked set of safety problems and over-engineered solutions. I think the solution is partly there. Take the lefts away from Anderson Mill Rd to Reidville Rd by adding new connector streets to divert most of the traffic. Something like this: Or better yet, do some actually planning and gradually make this a walkable village center with an actual street grid:
  11. Per westside's post above, the P&C states that it will be funded by hospitality tax dollars. Per westside's post above, the P&C states that it will be funded by hospitality tax dollars. Re: clocktower - would like to see them spend some $$ (probably privately funded) to rebuild the clocktower to resemble the opera house spire that used to hold the bells.
  12. I'd like to see some interesting results from the downtown transportation study. Like a road diet on Church Street or DMA, etc.
  13. Unfortunately this is more or less inevitable. The days of wealthy people building their homes in prominent locations is long gone. We're fortunate to have a few remnants, but as the market changes, so must the city. There are a few towns around that still retain this feature of prominent homes on primary streets (historically speaking). These are generally smaller towns that were fortunate enough to avoid the worst of the 50s-90s era of growth. Laurens is a really great example.
  14. Moved all of the W Main posts here!
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