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  1. I just saw that Victory Real estate, the Georgia firm, is moving ahead with plans to develop a massive retail center in the heart of Mid City. They even have it posted on their website. I prayed that the present economy and their selling of the Rouses store were signs that this project fizzled. This project is not meant for this part of Mid City. The street network alone cant handle the current traffic levels. But it ruins the whole fabric of the area. I personally feel that the Lindy Boggs site should be developed into a center for arts and cultural education like the Odgen Museum or Studio at Coltun Project. This would definitely work well now that the site sits in a state designated cultural arts district. Meanwhile, on the other side of Carrollton, the abandoned strip mall needs to be renovated and the old Ford dealership needs to be redeveloped. I'm holding out hope that this project fails just like the other proposed Post-K developments. I would be more comfortable with this if it were by Tulane. That the more economical site. Future Bio-med corridor and several housing developments under construction.
  2. Interesting article.... Several New Orleans IT firms have merged and there is a plan for nation wide expansion.
  3. Superior Energy Services relocates its headquarters downtown.
  4. Well, Tom Benson's Louisiana Media Co. has managed to lure an Atlanta film company to New Orleans.
  5. Has anyone heard anything on Canal Place 3??? Last I heard, the city approved bonds for the project and it was supposed to break ground earlier this year.
  6. I would really like the New Orleans Centre to be a mix use venue with restaurants, shops, sports bars, performance theater, etc. For this project to be successful, there must be something to draw people to the New Orleans Centre besides for sports. Also, the Hyatt might be reopening. I was on monster.com looking for a job and the Hyatt popped up under accounting I think.
  7. When are all the major street projects supposed to start???
  8. One of New Orleans old main streets is making a comeback!!!
  9. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in New Orleans. I just want people to know that we are more than just Bourbon Street and The French Quarter. We have a thriving arts district along Julia Street, the Zoo, enjoy a street car ride up St. Charles Ave, shop to you drop along Magazine Street, and so much more.
  10. Cultural Comeback\ Could St. Claude Avenue be the focal point of a new arts district in the Bywater and St. Roch neighborhood. Found this video on NOLA.com. I really hope this is the catalyst for that area.
  11. Im kind of glad the project is falling through. That project belongs along Tulane Ave. Along Tulane, it would have had a close proximity to I-10. and less opposition.
  12. OMG. 930 Poydras. I have been dieing for one of these proposed projects to get off the ground but not 930 Poydras. It looks as if they slopped it together at the last minute. I really hope the project falls through before they start construction. That site is to valuable for this poor of a project. Anybody have any pictures of other buildings that they think would better fit that area. As for the Robert's site, I am disappointed as well. I kind of wish they demolish that and put some smaller shops and resturants there. Continue with the N. Carrollton Retail feel. O. Big News. Does anyone know if Tracage has started. While I was driving toward the west bank, I was some building under construction right near the Interstate. I don't what it is. I'll try to check it out tomorrow before I go to the Farmers Market at Magazine and Girord.
  13. The Problem is getting them off the ground... The old Fairmont to come back as The Roosevelt next spring.
  14. The Lowes out in New Orleans East thats part of the Renaissance Town Center project is opening soon. On the website, its says "Coming Soon" Hopefully they some more tenants lined up.
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