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  1. Some quick updates: Saenger theatre renovation is a go and they are giving tours today. Marquee is back on! A Mano opened in the warehouse district. Le Foret and Domenica opened downtown. The Guerlain Spa should be open by thanksgiving. ALso new restaurant opening in Warehouse District by the howlin Wolf. And in my condo building next to Emerils a 4400 sqft wine bar/coffee shop will open by December. Also, in SPanish Plaza a new sports bar is opening in an old Fat Tuesdays Daquiris Shop. The old Bella Luna space on the river near French Market is now a Spanish Tapas restaurant called Galvez. Jon Besh has another new restaurant called The American Sector opening up at the DDAY Museum. Supposed to be a modern interpretation of a War Time Diner. Thats all the updates I have at the moment.
  2. There is a website for the stevens garage development now. http://thegarageneworleans.com/
  3. I dont know much, but Ill tell you this economy isnt close to bottoming out. Look for much worse in the fall, and that unfortunately means unless the government is paying for/subsidizing it, you cant get a loan for your project.
  4. Geez,What's your obsession with that intersection Uptown!!
  5. Brand new website has premiered for The Roosevelt New Orleans. This property looks to be quite amazing. A Guerlain Spa is an impressive get for the hotel( one of only three in the USA), as well as a new John Besh restaurant. www.therooseveltneworleans.com Im going to try and ride around and get updates on the many construction sites around the city.
  6. roject ID: 904476 Project Name: Available to Subscribers only. Click here to Sign Up. Project Type: Demolition, Remodeling, Renovation Documents (0): Map: Aerial Photo: Anyone have a clue which theatre this is? I cant seem to get the 2700 seats number to match up with the any of the theatres I know. Just wondering if its the saeger, orpheum, state palace, joy, munincipal auditorium or some college venue! The saenger has 2800 seats so perhaps this is it? Building Use: Theaters / Auditoriums Reported: 03/06/2009 Status: Design Private / Public: Private Location: New Orleans, LA Project Address: Available to Subscribers only. Click here to Sign Up. Bid Date: Est. Start Date: November 2009 DescriptionRenovation of a theater development in New Orleans. Design development plans call for the renovations of an existing 2,700-seat theater, including restored interiors, modernized HVAC and mechanical systems, and expanded support and performance spaces. Construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2009. No further inquiries are requested at this time.
  7. I agree with most of the article, but to suggest that the current credit market is not affecting the condo demographic is just plain false. It is very difficult to get financing right now, even for projects that make sense financially. The silver lining here is that commodity prices are falling, so that should mean cheaper construction costs for when some of these projects get going.
  8. Thats probably what all the delays are really for anyway! Most developers are just waiting for the national lending environment to improve and then they will be ready to go. Unfortunately, I think the US is heading for at best a mild recession and possible something worse. Bank lending and credit was so easy a few years ago( and it shouldnt have been). The problem is that lending is heading in the other extreme and legitimate projects are still having problems getting financing. Best case scenario, Lets hope for construction by the close of this decade!
  9. Maybe its been combined into one tower then!
  10. Who knows what project that is referring to! Also, anyone think that Gustav could be a help to the area showing that our levees are better prepared? If it comes near and isnt to bad of a storm there may be some upside from it! Anyway, best hope for a non event!
  11. I agree that for the New Orleans Center to be successful it will need to attract people there more often then just gametimes. I do think a muliplex could be one solution. A cineplex like this one would attract people from all over the metro area. http://www.muvico.com/default.asp Other things they could do include creating more space to congregate before and after games. An espn Zone would be great. I also think a Louisiana Sports Museum would be a neat attraction. They should also extend the streetcar to make a stop in between the Superdome and the arena. Get one of our local news stations to anchor a street level studio. The area also needs more greenery like the Canal Street palmtrees. Another idea I had would be to offer people the chance to scale the Superdomes Roof!!( harnessed of course). Similar to how Sydney, Australia allows visitors to scale their Harbour Bridge.
  12. There is definitely a panel on the brick building towards the rear of the project fronting Okeefe. It sits on the corner of the building on the second floor. Without a doubt it must be a test curtain wall for this structure.
  13. New Museum opening on Royal St http://www.neworleanscitybusiness.com/upto...recid=18149reet! Capital One adding branches and upgrading some locations: http://www.neworleanscitybusiness.com/UpTo...cfm?recID=18129 SUNO building its first dormitory! http://www.neworleanscitybusiness.com/UpTo...cfm?recID=18073 Bond Commission OKs $113M in N.O-area projects http://www.neworleanscitybusiness.com/UpTo...cfm?recID=18054 Another article discusses bonds for the conversion of three more abandoned downtown buildings into residences/hotel as well as rebuilding a large complex in New Orleans East: http://www.nola.com/business/t-p/index.ssf....xml&coll=1
  14. By the way, someone invited me to eat at the ruths ChriS! SERVICE AND FOOD WAS HORRIBLE! I certainly wont be going there again! Totally overrated place and there are so many other superior restaurants in this city !
  15. I know about the Ruths Chris and it is actually already open. Im talking about the parcel right next to it! Crews have finally started clearing it up and reinforcing some of the facade so I assume something is moving forward soon. And it that rendering of 927 Poeyfarre, Is that building behind it the future Ice House Condos. Is that project going to be built in the future?
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