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As we all know, Music Row has gone through many changes over the years. I would like to encourage those who have photos of such changes to share them here. Some buildings have been demolished, some simply remodeled. I know that there is a Topic for those that have been remodeled, but I'm having difficulties finding one for those that have been demolished then redeveloped.  If you could, please post the address, a photo of the building/business before being demolished and the new building/business. The date the old building was constructed and demolished, along with the date the new building was constructed.  In addition, if you are not the photographer, please give credit &/or a link to the article/photo.

The loose boundaries for Music Row are:
North - Broadway, East End Ave. & I-40
South - Wedgewood Ave.
West - 19th Ave. South
East - 16th Ave. South

Thank you for posting!

Music Row - a.png

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Here is a map of development from 2000 to present that was posted on another feed.

<iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=1ELRoQQW5WC_YAmOyc-QfGVr-J50&ehbc=2E312F" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

Sorry, for some reason google keeps giving me an error when I try to just paste the link. 

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Is this the map you are trying to post?

Nashville Projects & Development - Google My Maps

If so, that is the map from this site and the one I try to keep updated.  I think between myself and Markhollin on the board here we may be able to help you out some. I sort of like the nostalgia format of this thread too.

Lots of history lost, but there is change. There was change when the music industry moved in as well. They saved a certain part of history and sort of changed and reshaped a number of buildings for better or in some cases for the worst. 

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Thank you smeagolsfree! It is easy to see both sides of the development issue. I'm hoping to help document the history while celebrating the progress of new development and remodels. Over the past four days, I went through every post on the thread referenced below. There are some posts concerning Music Row. It's a great feed! I have been going through the addresses of the properties that have been demolished listed on www.historicnashvilleinc.org and have only found photos for about 1/4 of the demolished buildings. I've even used photo match on google without much luck.


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NPR has a show called remembering Music Row that has a number of old photos. There are also photos from Nashville archives which is a great resource. Baronakim on this board is sort of the resident historian when it comes to anything old about Nashville as he has a memory like an elephant and grew up here.

There have also been a number of books written that others may have the names they can share, that I do not have at my fingertips.



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70 Music Square West, f/k/a 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, & 64 Music Square West. 



Speer Building, 54 Music Square West, Built c. 1915, Demolished 2015; photo by ?


Vibe Studio, 56 Music Square West, Built c. 1912, Demolished 2015; photo by?


Hi-Fi Fusion, 58 Music Square West, Built c. 1920, Demolished 2015; photo by?


Sure Fire Music Co., 60 Music Square West, Built c. 1925, Demolished 2015; photo by?


Sharp Objects Entertainment, 62 Music Square West, Built c. 1925, Demolished 2015; photo by?


Merit Music/SESAC, 64 Music Square West, Built c. 1985, Demolished 2015; photo by?

After ...

image.jpeg.f50a7114640b6698ca7861486f19a1ff.jpeg image.jpeg.3d71b5bcd18d16ee75f81f5c539028d8.jpeg

Millennium Music Row (Apartments & Condos), 70 Music Square West, Built 2018?; photo by?, photos found on their website, Apartments in Nashville, TN | Millennium Music Row


Millennium Music Row | Facebook

Apartments in Nashville, TN | Millennium Music Row

70 music square west nashville tn - Bing Maps


36.147930, -86.793033 (click for map)


Millennium Music Row - Google Maps

*I'll add the links to the photos and names of the photographers when I find them again.

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Here is the list of demolished buildings from this article: Save Music Row! Historic Nashville, Inc. (historicnashvilleinc.org) If anyone has photos of the buildings, please post them here.
16th Avenue South -
117, Mickey Gilley's Restaurant
1010, Bobby's Idel Hour (original location)
1015, CBS Songs
1016, The Case Company
1018, ?
1202, Kelso Herston Enterprises
17th Avenue South -
111, ? House
113, Acquire Digital/Top Tracks Recording
115, LeVan's Guitar Repair
119, Marty Stuart Tours/Olesen Music
121, Encore Entertainment/Southern Ground Artists
1008, ?
1102, ?
1415, Baptist Student Center
18th Avenue South -
805, ?
809, Nightingale Recording Studios
811, ? House
812-820 (evens), Hi-Fi Fusion, McFadden Building, Music Row Wedding Chapel, apartments
813, Fireside Recording Studios
817-819 (odds), Houses
911, Sue Brewer's Boar's Nest
1008, ?
1022, Buckhorn Music
1033, Hostettler House/Great Cumberland Music
1101, ?
1003, Ariose Music Group
1107, ?
1108, Vanderbilt Medical Center Auxiliary
1110, ?
1112, ?
19th Avenue South -
808, Spirit Music
814, Charm Salon
816, Track 2
821, Studio 19
822, Houses/Offices
823, Studio 20
824, AEG Live/Messina Group/Lyric Street Records/Tracking Room 2
825, Studio 20 songwriters
827, Wyatt House
818 & 820, Dale Morris Office
20th Avenue South -
915, ?
917, ?
919, ?
921, ?
Adelicia -
1900 & 1902, ?
Division St. -
1307, Sound Shop Studio
1707, Murray Nash Associates
1815, Warner Brothers Records / Florence Crittenton Home for Unwed Mothers
Grand Avenue -
1806, Whitey Apartments
2006, ?
Music Square East -
4, Country Music Hall of Fame (1st Location - Barn shaped building)
26, Sammy B's/Figlio's/Gra-Mar Talent
35, Cedarwood Publishing/Combine
39, Combine Group
41, JAG Management
Music Square West -
1, Pilcher Hamilton House
7, Hummingbird Productions
9, Music Productions
19, Nashville Music Group/Pura Vida Vintage Clothing/Tailor Shop
20, Fender's Guitars and Music Publishing
25, ?
31, ?
38, House
42, House
44, House
54, Speer Building
56, Vibe Studio
58, Hi-Fi Fusion
59, ?
60, Sure Fire Music Co.
62, Sharp Objects Entertainment
63, ?
64, Merit Music/SESAC
67, ?
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