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  1. Well to start im doing good. I hope your good aswell. I assume international travelers with a destination in Richmond would increase the flow of business and tourism. Even if their flight is through ORF. Though then again its impossible to tell from now, so you do have a valid point to worry about. I always thought RIC had parallel runways in mind. We were supposed to upgrade to a pair too but I dont exactly know why it fell through/stalled. If RIC did infact get international destinations is there any idea of where or what they would be? I assume (Like someone said earlier) RIC has been courting with breeze in hopes of a international flight destination.
  2. Well since we are a military area with the biggest naval base on the face of the planet, and also the NATO headquarters city for our entire hemisphere, the demand for international is real big and growing. I feel like the feds are funding this project for a reason lol. Though since we are close to Richmond I have no doubt this would help yall too in different ways. That being said, I thought RIC was thinking of a dual runway at some point?
  3. Its ok. We barely relate ourselves to RIC here in our forum. Unlike RIC, we usually compare our numbers to bigger airports. If RIC is still stuck to comparing themselves to us, I think that says a few things about who has the bigger airport (Not like its even a competition) Not only that but a select few of them seem to hate us. All I say is just show love back. I aint gonna hate on them like they do on us occasionally, since in the long run no matter what they say, we will turn out bigger and better on our path to glory. If they choose to be all doom and gloom then so be it. Also this is one heck of a "modest expansion". Either hes mad or mislead.
  4. Oh nice! Glad to see someone return (even if its to mention they are still with us). Hopefully others can come back too.
  5. To settle yall's argument I think your both right. Artic is right on the sense that less businesses on the street means less foot traffic. Night clubs were really the only thing keeping foot traffic alive at night. HOWEVER I think if we could attract other businesses that attract a night time audience, we could revive that lost traffic. Baobabs is right in the sense that night clubs have generally attracted real crime. That real crime has brought real fear. As a teen I see this all too often. Even though im independent now and so are my friends, their parents worry sick about us going downtown together. I have absolutely no problem walking around downtown and nor do my parents since we live here, however friends and parents who live outside of the downtown area have seen the news and always comment on the dangers and possibilities of experiencing a violent crime here. So yes, the crime has also taken a toll on downtown and fear lingers longer than a empty storefront. Its upsetting when I hear this.
  6. @cpeakesqr Was a user who was last seen active on March 10, 2011. Despite their name, they were really active in the Norfolk area. They seemed particularly interested In Norfolk Development, ODU, and Sports. Their activity peaked from 2006-2010. However they posted regularly until their activity died out in 2011. They were young like me. (and all of yall) They mentioned they were 18 years old at the time and going to ODU soon. To think hes now around 35-36 years old now... I wonder what happened to him. If he ever sees this, I wish him well.
  7. @Sky06. Im not worried about this user so far as its a little more recent. They made a surprise appearance last year on February 10th, 2023. They have since not come back. They were Very Very active in the late 2000s. Hopefully they come back soon. It would be funny for them to see they have been memorialized already lol. They were very interested in Norfolk itself and as far as I know, is pretty intelligent on the city. Any of yall remember them? It sucks when people disappear. Obviously, we never know were life takes any of us mentally and physically. I just hope most of them are doing fine. Its especially worrying when people disappear after being really active.
  8. Yea. I think its nice remembering old Norfolk/757 users. After all its the users that make this forum, not just the city itself. Plus as strange as it may be, we can oddly learn alot about someone just talking about our cities with each other lol.
  9. I have unfortunately found a confirmed death among our users. @MissySchmidt Was a somewhat active user on the Urban Planet site. Her activity peaked in 2010 however she kept posting until 2016. On March 4th 2016 she disappeared from the site completely (Presumably lost interest as her actual date of death is years later) . She was Active in the Downtown Norfolk Committee. She Passed Away on August 9th, 2023. Obituary: https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/pilotonline/name/melissa-schmidt-obituary?id=52680540
  10. @Telmnstr Was a pretty active user. He seemed to take an interest specifically in businesses and Norfolk pictures. Going as far as to take what was virtually a selfie at the time (He took a picture of a mirror downtown). He was very active in the Forum before his disappearance on October 11th 2013. He was very active between 2010-2013. Do any of you remember him? He posted alot of photos of Norfolk on Norfolk Pictures from page 43-onwards
  11. Just to open up this topic with a small explanation to why I decided to write this. Across the UP site I look at different cities and their forums. It seems multiple city forums have experienced a tragic loss of members in the past due to age, accidents, ect. These members they lose often end up being commemorated in separate Topics meant to remember all members who are no longer with us, weather it be because they got tired of the site or have permanently gone missing from the site (Death, ect). So I thought it would be nice to have our own version. To remember good members who we lost in the past, and unfortunately the ones we will lose in the future for we are all at the mercy of time. Call me stupid for writing this now, but one of these days someone wont be responding to our forum anymore. I hope it would be me before anyone else here because you are all great people. First 2 people I want to add here is- @willy. I know nothing about him yet he seemed to be a active member before his disappearance from the site on August 13th, 2012. I enjoy reading his old comments on old topics and was saddened to see a abrupt pause in his activity after that date. Anyone know where he went? I wont assume the worst yet. @Seven Cities. I know nothing about this person either. He went missing from the site on February 20th, 2010. Was very active in 05-07.
  12. I never knew politics existed on Urban Planet lol. This is new to me.
  13. Yea and it seems they were all in the family dollar section of the company. Makes sense. Dollar Tree itself is doing good but the family dollar part that they tried to incorporate after buying it has taken some hits. Honestly Dollar Tree is way better IMO.
  14. I guess we'll see. No rushing the future thats for sure. Though im happy Chesapeake is at least doing something to urbanize, even if its slow.
  15. Ah ok. I wonder why they cant open shop downtown? They should know that having a urban cane's would be great for downtown, especially with the few empty store fronts on Granby left. Maybe they really want that drive through....
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