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Nashville Development Map is live at the top of the page. I still have a ton of work to do and at some point I will be asking for a few folks to help me out. I still have a few layers to set up first.

If anyone does want to help, either reply here or send me a email on the UP forum and I will get back with you. I have a template I use for the description and have just about every rendering or pic we will need.


The map map is open to view for all and I am always open for feed back.

Thanks again to all of you that are and have been posting on Urban Planet these past ten or eleven years that I have been here. We have come a long way in a short time.

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NBJ has a new look to their crane watch map, but it still isn't as good as Smeagolsfree's here on our site.


Here is Smeagolsfree's, which has more info per site, plus it shows how each development fits onto its property, status, and more.


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Some of my map is not up to date, but neither is the NBJ's as they have projects that have been canceled. I am working to get more of mine up to date. I need help if there are some of these projects I have that are finished or have started, I need to know. 

I used to be able to do a quick drive and figure it out. Now, there is so much happening in every part of the city, and many in out of the way places, I just cant keep up.

Just look at the map and email me with the status of a project that has changed. 

Just want to make sure everyone knows there is a messaging system on this board.


Help and Thanks

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On 8/11/2018 at 6:18 PM, East Side Urbanite said:

This would be a good time to note what a strong job Ron does — both for the board and for the city. This stuff takes hours to compile and is VERY helpful to the work Ron and I do at Nashville Post. Ron is basically providing a chronicle of sorts for this city's post-2000 development scene. Between his work and Mark's various and important efforts, we have a one-two punch of citizen observers of the manmade environment (and semi-professionals in a way given their skills and knowledge) that few cities, I would say, offer.

Great job, RB.



Yes, I agree! I appreciate their effort and contributions very much.

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Here is a new Metro website that helps with information regarding digging going on around Metro . NES and Piedmont Gas may soon add to this site.


More here from the TN


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Infinite thank you for all the hard work you put into this. 

A quick question; I spend a lot of time on the mobile site and have a hard time finding the map. On the desktop, it’s always at the top of the page. On mobile there is a link on the first page, but it’s broken. Going to the first page of this thread takes you to an older version. Any ideas?

Edit; If it’s easier for you, do you have a direct link I could bookmark?

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23 hours ago, smeagolsfree said:

Hey guys, I am getting ready to do another update on the map. I am going through and trying to mark projects that are under construction as complete and proposed to under construction.

If you know of any changes that need to be made such as construction status , renderings, missing projects of note PLEASE UPDATE ME HERE, as I have it on one place instead of all the various places under the threads. I zip through the thread so fast during the day while I do other things that I just cant keep track.

Its easier if I do one big update every couple of months or so.

The Tri Star parking garage at Patterson and and 23rd has started. 

Donelson Plaza refresh is underway.


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Some renderings for the Development Map.

TSU health and Sciences Building:

TSU Health Sciences Bldg, Marc 20, 2018, 1.png

Novel Edgehill:

Novel Edgehill, Feb 18, 2019, render 1.png

Novel Edgehill, Feb 18, 2019, render 3.png

iFly Nashville:

IFly Nashville, June 13, 2018, render 1.png

Buchanan Point:

Buchanan Point, 910 Buchanan Ave, Sept 11, 2018,  Render 1.jpg

Buchanan Point, 910 Buchanan Ave, Sept 11, 2018,  Render 2.png

Vandy Greek Row layout:

Vanderbilt Univ Greek Row, June 29, 2018, render 1.png

Vandy Seta Tau Alpha House:

Vanderbilt, Zeta Tau Alpha House, Nov 22, 2018, render.jpg

Vandy Community Event Center:

Vandy Community Event Space, March 2, 2019, render.jpg

Vandy Delta Kappa Epsilon House:

Vandy Delta Kappa Epsilon, March 2, 2019, render.jpg

Vandy Kappa Sigma House:

Vandy Kappa Sigma, March 2, 2019, render.jpg

Vandy Lamda Chi Alpha House:

Vandy Lamda Chi Alpha, March 2, 2019, render.jpg

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