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The River District


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On 7/27/2023 at 9:51 AM, Nathan2 said:

It's not that people don't like town centers, it's that people don't like when developers call it a mixed-use pedestrian town center and then they make 60% of the project surface parking lots and sprawling developments that require a car. The River District is a terrible misuse of some of the last bit of undeveloped land in Charlotte. Instead of giving this land a thought-out decent design they have gone the easy and cheap route. Suburban neighborhoods can be walkable and car-lite, but this is not that, this is pure car-oriented sprawl packaged to look like a walkable community. 

I am glad that abundant parking was incorporated, only because it makes it convenient for me to drive to my destination, park, and walk around to varies points of interest throughout the day.  A good example of this would be downtown Greenville, which has abundant parking options, which allow me to park, and walk/enjoy an area for the course of several hours.

Conversely, when parking is a hassle, it makes me want to avoid an area altogether.

What's seemingly egregious, however, is the lack of planning behind/around a Silver Line leg:  this development could've had world class uniqueness and function, but it doesn't present itself that way.

A good example of excellent design and execution can be found at the Bridgeway development in Mauldin SC:  it has very unique design elements/characteristics, and has great pedestrian appeal.  Instead, the River District comes across as a rebranded Ballantyne, which I find unacceptable, since Ballantyne was built out before the light rail, nor does Ballantyne have river access.

Could my perceptions be mistaken?  Of course, yet marketing hasn't, in my view, done a great job at developing interest around this project.

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On 7/18/2023 at 12:02 PM, CLT2014 said:

Here is the park on the lake from their latest video as well. Some parking lots under the power lines, walking paths, chopped trees, and buildings. 


"Riverfront Park-ing Lot" - Reminds me of how Atlanta built some of their parks along the Chattahoochee and now they have signs in all the parks saying "warning! high theft area" :(

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2 minutes ago, RANYC said:

At this point you all have seen that Beemok has decided to keep the western and southern open in Mason, Ohio, a tennis tournament I hadn’t even heard of until Charlotte was in contention to host it.  I’m actually happy for greater Cincinnati to keep something that’s been such a long-held part of community tradition there, and I’m also happy for the hundred or so acres of trees that were to be felled for surface parking.  We are experiencing more growth than we seem to be able to handle and don’t have to chase after every growth objective that gives us a look.  Having said that, I do think it was a worthy objective to pursue.

At least now Charlotte has a prime spot to set aside for an MLB stadium, plus a partial blueprint for funding, lol.

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44 minutes ago, NDL. said:

Now we're in December.


Any updates?

I never see any meaningful changes when I drive over there, although I haven't gone in quite awhile.

They have an Instagram page where you can check up on some of their progress. they've mainly been doing ground work like building out roads, laying swear and water pipes, etc. Once all of that is done, they will start building up

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