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  1. Maybe the largest scheduled event inside a single venue? There are several Charlotte festivals that draw more people than that. Festival in the Park, Pride, Ren Fest, Thanksgiving Parade, etc.
  2. It's so interesting to me how these kinds of lists are simply a measure of whatever metrics you happen to pick. Just yesterday I was looking at a "Happiest cities" list, and it's a totally different list. (Raleigh is 28, Charlotte 56 and Durham 57) Happiest Cities in America in 2024 (wallethub.com). I spot checked a few other lists of "happiest cities" and a recurring theme was how much California cities dominate those lists for as much as the media and society have taken to loving beating up on that state. Who knows. It's all statistical voodoo in the end.
  3. Looks like OAK has a tram connection to the BART system, too. Huh, I'll have to keep that in mind next time I fly out there. Do the flight search engines lump SFO and OAK together like "NYC" covers multiple airports?
  4. As long as it doesn't violate building code or the development ordinance, the city/county doesn't have any say in the material of the cladding. The State specifically prohibits municipalities from dictating exterior building materials and style in general zoning ordinances.
  5. I mean, I am glad it's on their mind, but One Green Globe is a very low bar to achieve.
  6. I can't figure out, did Simon have any input in this planning process? It feels like this overwhelming corporate presence that the vision plan only cursorily acknowledges.
  7. Well, don't say there isn't interest in the Red Line project. I just left the Davidson in-person meeting early because it was way, way too packed. I'll just leave my comments online!
  8. What jumped out at me is that they don't have any government safety ratings yet. Are they allowed to sell to consumers and/or operate on highways without those?
  9. OK, informational post aside: my thoughts - There is no discussion of what becomes of the existing park & ride network, which has no relationship to the rail line. Those park and rides have hundreds and hundreds of parking spaces on pretty valuable land. 30 minute headways suck BUT that could be a reasonable trade-off if the train is predictably on schedule. Really none of the "original" station locations have capacity or potential for much on-site parking, which I think is a huge unaddressed elephant in the room. There 1/2 mile distance has a pretty decent population concentration, but they will loose any ridership on the west side of 77 that the metrorapid buses currently carry.
  10. CATS has begun the community meetings for Red Line commuter rail redeux. Red Line Commuter Rail - Charlotte Area Transit System (charlottenc.gov) Virtual meeting: Virtual Red Line Public Meeting (youtube.com) Maps: Red Line Project Existing Conditions (arcgis.com)
  11. Do we actually know that's where Zara is going, or is it just speculation?
  12. Don't forget expanded I-77 south of Uptown Charlotte, aka the project that will bankrupt NCDOT.
  13. Great. The average Charlottean can afford to buy a house in 5.4 years. Housing crisis solved.
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