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  1. Georgia built an amusement park for teenagers that live in student housing with nothing to do but play football and hang with their teammates. This is practice fields for adults.
  2. I understood your sarcasm... Season tickets in that area (between the 20's) would be $275/each + $425 required donation. 2000 GA tickets added. The seat donation could be a little lower because it is "upper deck" but by the time this project is complete, I doubt it as it will be prime viewing seats on the home side, between the 20's.
  3. 25million "football only" gift being used. Adding 1000 club, 2000 GA, and suites. A proper press box. Team dining area. Meeting rooms. It isn't just a few bleacher seats that is costing 60mil. Club seats and suites are big money generators. The additional 2000 GA seats will generate $1.4mil a year minimum. Club and suites significantly more. With the $25mil donation, this addition will pay itself back pretty quickly.
  4. Full 108 page plan here: https://ctycms.com/nc-southpark/docs/southpark-forward-2035-vision-plan-digital.pdf
  5. My little corner of the universe had the worst 2m radius grocery selection (very small HT and the smallest Fresh Market ever) but now a Publix in 2025, Wegmans in 2026, plus the already built Lidl). I will be able to ride my bike to Wegmans via the greenway and Ballantyne Backyard bike lanes. Plus the location off of Community House makes it tolerable to drive to vs going down Johnston past 485. RIP Earth Fare
  6. That Old Navy isn't likely going anywhere. It's the only one even remotely close to the center of Charlotte since the Cotswold location closed. It's always busy, it just isn't the clientele that hops over to Neiman Marcus to get $300 jeans to pair with their $8 Old Navy shirt.
  7. Training camp is 90 players + coaches. Are they really going to build a 50+ rooms for just training camp? I wouldn't be surprised if they build something like this, that they replace the team hotel before home games, host all free agents onsite, OTA lodging for guys that don't have a place yet (rookies), mini-camp, refs for practice, consultants & vendor lodging, etc. With like 500+ employees and a billion dollar business, I would bet they are hosting a LOT of people in hotels over the course of a year.
  8. Good for the class A+ space to get filled and open up some smaller Class A- space to open up. Sucks for anyone that had an easy commute to their current offices...lol
  9. Thanks! I have been searching out when the Carmel Common Publix was planning to open up and found nothing!
  10. It's 4000'-ish feet from the "CMS" on the map to the middle of the "Westrow town center" (measured on Polaris following the depicted paths). That would mean about 6 of the neighborhoods will be less than a mile walk to the school. Certainly walkable for middle school / high school students or elementary student with a parent. But it doesn't matter...I don't care how walkable your school is on a map. People in charlotte don't walk to school. I have lived next to Beverley Woods elementary and Carmel Middle...there are less than a dozen students that walk from BWE semi-regularly and even less to Carmel. Kids at South Meck might walk to McDonalds at lunch, but they aren't walking 1/4m across the street to Cameron Wood to go home. If they have access to a ride, they will take it. Today's parents don't even let their kid ride the bus...you think they are going to walk (gasp) to school? If the school is a 20min walk from most of the doors, that isn't an F U to anyone. It's the helicopter parents are the ones giving the F U. They would be lined up two hours early for pickup if the school was 40' away or 4miles away. When my kid went to Carmel Middle, they rode the bus everyday and got home BEFORE our next door neighbor that drove to pick up their kid. That's just wild to me.
  11. On the masterplan page. I have a very large monitor so you might have to hit the --> button. It looks like the "Riverpoint" and "Preserve West" along with the 128ac city owned parcel in between will be one big area for a park and river walk.
  12. Because the loudest member of city council tells his rich neighbors this is bad and poor people are coming to their neighborhood. You know he knows this isn't true, but as the lone "R" on city council, he makes it his job to oppose everything. Bokhari literally lives next door to a duplex lol.
  13. Exciting news for Providence and Fairview. Levine will now own the site and it can sit untouched for another 11 years. "Levine, of Levine Properties, declined to disclose the terms of the settlement but said that he will now own the property, an 11-acre site that was the former Carmel on Providence apartments. It is now vacant land. Levine said he’s unsure what his plans are for the site." https://charlotteledger.substack.com/p/developers-reach-settlement-on-undeveloped
  14. ^^ Richmond park was established in the 1600's by British royalty and given to the people by King Edward VII. The closest thing we have to a king giving away land for the public use is Anne Springs-Close who inherited a fortune and loved the outdoors enough to put the land aside in a conservation easement. I assume the private property owners of the River District were not generationally wealthy or royalty, nor in position to gift this land to the city/county. At least the developers have set aside 500+ of the 1400acres as undeveloped. 40% undeveloped land is way more than most developers are doing right now.
  15. Insert shocked face that Bokhari is the squeaky wheel in the news. People in Barclay Downs are worried about $1m triplex condo's going in? Worried about what...their property values going up because they tore down a dumpy house and built some million dollar condos? Barclay Neighborhood association opposes everything for the sake of it. They didn't want the apartment building there built because it would throw shade on their tennis court for 3 minutes a day in the fall when the sun is low.
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