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  1. Not the best image but here’s a view of the hotel’s construction from inside the adjacent parking garage. Also from yesterday evening
  2. Still on the developers website. "Coming in 2024".
  3. A recent aerial photo of the airport looking northeast.
  4. Does anyone know what's being constructed on Blackstock Road a bit north of the mall. It appears to be a fairly decent size hotel but I haven't seen or heard anything about it.
  5. Seems a little odd to have on-street parking at this location but I'm all in favor of a DMA road diet any way that can be accomplished. FYI the dealerships need the extra parking.
  6. Nothing is hopeless except when dealing with SCDOT. . Some ideas: An Old Georgia Road interchange with I-26. A no brainer in my judgment. This was proposed 20 years ago and nixed not by SCDOT but homeowners in the general area. Improve the Nazareth Church Road connection between US-29 and Reidville Road. improve the Caldwell Road connection between US-29 / Willis Road and Reidville Road. None of these ideas will directly impact the Reidville Road / Andersen Mill Road intersection but would provide some relief. Finally (and I know this will generate some howls) but there should be an additional left turn lane from Westbound Reidville Road to Anderson Mill Road. Better signaling and signage would also help.
  7. Calvary Baptist Church on North Church Street has been demolished. This church once anchored a solid working class neighborhood between Wofford College, the hospital, and the Spartan Mill community. Sad to see it go but it was also sad to watch it deteriorate.
  8. The stadium site looks massive from this angle.
  9. Target and QT (and possibily others) well underway at the corner of SC-9 and Old Furnace Road. Also lots of new construction happening about a mile north of there at the corner of SC-9 and Bible Church adjacent to the new Publix.
  10. Still on the developers website as "Coming in 2024..."
  11. I think giving the area a "name" near Pine & Main or wherever makes a lot sense. Didn't someone tag South Daniel Morgan Avenue the moniker "The Grain District"? Brave MidtownSpartanburg for making this suggestion.
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