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  1. 2020 2023 2026 1 New York city, New York 8,804,199 8,258,035 7,711,871 2 Los Angeles city, California 3,898,841 3,820,914 3,742,987 3 Chicago city, Illinois 2,746,352 2,664,452 2,582,552 4 Houston city, Texas 2,300,833 2,314,157 2,327,481 5 Phoenix city, Arizona 1,608,215 1,650,070 1,691,925 7 San Antonio city, Texas 1,434,306 1,495,295 1,556,284 6 Philadelphia city, Pennsylvania 1,603,793 1,550,542 1,497,291 8 San Diego city, California 1,386,972 1,388,320 1,389,668 9 Dallas city, Texas 1,304,182 1,302,868 1,301,554 12 Fort Worth city, Texas 918,907 978,468 1,038,029 10 Jacksonville city, Florida 949,618 985,843 1,022,068 11 Austin city, Texas 961,893 979,882 997,871 15 Charlotte city, North Carolina 874,629 911,311 947,993 13 San Jose city, California 1,013,241 969,655 926,069
  2. Sure, but Georgia cities have merged with their counties - Columbus, GA and Macon, GA for example. This doesn't happen in North Carolina. And while Charlotte is nearly 2x the population of Atlanta, the density of Charlotte is not significantly less. It's not like Jacksonville, FL. Speaking of density, we think of California as sprawl-central, but its cities are some of the most dense outside the Northeast. Austin and Nashville are sexier than Charlotte or Atlanta. Yes, but what's so interesting about Cary is that recently a lot of development is occurring in core areas, like downtown. It's a very cool development. I think Cary's growth rate will not slow down and may pick up again. I think it passes 200K by 2030 at the latest.
  3. Very few states had all their top 15 cities grow. By comparison, only 4 out of 15 grew in Georgia. The rest lost population.
  4. Even the NYTimes, that great instrument of NC hating, says the Hurricanes are at the top of teams.
  5. NC also 10 cities over 100K vs GA with 8. All NC cities over 100k are growing, only 4 are growing GA.
  6. CVVHillsborough Street as we know it today started as the vision of an NCSU College of Design student in that period as well. The vision for what would become Triangle Town Center, and Briar Creek. It was time of visions...
  7. Copa envisions expanding service from RDU. RDU-SJO makes sense...
  8. I am forced to use 95 between DC and Richmond every week. I've concluded that VDOT is comprised of morons. First, aside from 95, there's only one other north/south route, except for the perpetually clogged US1 within 50 miles of I-95. Next, VA counties keep approving 100's of subdivisions that are filled with cul-de-sacs. They never got the memo about connectivity. The lack of connectivity and dearth of north-south routes means local traffic has to use the interstate to get around the region. Interstate highways aren't supposed to be an alternative for terrible land use decisions and fatal patterns of development. (Don't travel north of Richmond at lunch or dinner time and god help you around Dale City during a weekend afternoon when people are out shopping.) Lastly, the "Express Lanes" are absurd - they should have followed New Jersey's model - Express lanes in BOTH directions. Bless Virginia's heart.
  9. It's a good example of North Carolina not putting NC first. Screw MB.
  10. How a $75 million infrastructure project in North Carolina could propel development along I-85 https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2024/04/16/granville-county-i85-water-sewer-development-nc.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_45&cx_artPos=0#cxrecs_s In general this just pisses me off. We have got to start aligning our growth aspirations with our transportation realities. I-85 north of the I-885 interchange is two-lanes and frequently stop and go traffic, or just plain stopped. Part of this is the age and condition of the overpasses in Durham County. NCDOT has ZERO $ to improve 85 north of Durham and won't have $ for at least 20 years. Transportation $$ in the Triangle are dedicated to the widening of I-40 and I-85 west of Durham (in the Durham MPO area). Fortunately, Butner's 2040 Plan does call for more connectivity and more overpasses (not more exits) over I-85 to help reduce the need for local traffic to use the interstate. Butner 2040 also envisions bike and pedestrian connections over Falls Lake parallel to 85 to connect with Durham Greenways. Development follows transportation. Butner gets it. Any town or city that doesn't prove that they have planned and have funding for transportation improvements should be penalized in some way.
  11. Lufthansa says it's looking for space near RDU to "support" its flight to Raleigh. This seems like overkill for a flight that will operate 5 days a week, or not?
  12. The reality is that Tennessee and Nashville dont come close to media market sizes, economies, and population of North Carolina. MLB would be stupid to ignore NC.
  13. Yikes. https://abcnews.go.com/amp/US/bankruptcy-documents-detail-gop-nc-governor-nominee-mark/story?id=108763847
  14. Old but wirth reoeating. The Raleigh-Durham area, always seemed lika perfect fit for IKEA. https://wraltechwire.com/2023/04/20/ikea-plans-8-more-large-stores-in-us-as-part-of-2b-expansion/
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