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  1. Whataburger will rapidly be expanding into North Carolina. The first location will be Charlotte followed by Greensboro, then Fayetteville. The company just announced plans for a location on North Main Street in High Point. Charlotte and Greensboro will have two locations. The Greensboro locations will be: 4409 West Wendover Ave and 2700 Koury Blvd. The Koury Blvd location appears to be under construction now because there is a lot of prep digging going on at that site which is rumored to have a Starbucks as well. https://www.newsobserver.com/living/food-drink/article285198987.html
  2. The old Guilford County jail in Greensboro coming down. Architecturally this is blahhh but I still hate a midrise structure is coming down for a 2 story sheriff's office. Would have been nice if they had renovated the way Roy Carroll turned the Wachovia Building into Center Pointe.
  3. The Home Furnishings Market is in town this week. There has been much discussion about more hotels in downtown High Point to accommodate the market. The problem is the market is only held downtown one week twice a year. There is a new trend starting and they are called pop up hotels which are temporary accommodations for short term events in need of hotel rooms. This could be something High Point could look into because into. It keeps market goers in High Point so they are not spending their money in other cities. The city could provide entertainment after hours for those coming out of town. Pop up shops during the market is another idea. https://skift.com/2018/05/15/hotels-experiment-with-pop-ups-to-attract-new-audiences/
  4. Yes for that very reason the Prime Minister's visit to the Triad and North Carolina in general is a really big deal on so many different levels. Certainly beneficial for the Triad because it is lesser known than the Triangle.
  5. Prime Minister of Japan at HondaJet https://www.wral.com/video/japanese-prime-minister-visits-hondajet-in-burlington/21376847/
  6. Greensboro Southern Loan & Trust Building Benbow Hotel Construction of the old First Union Building National Theater McAdoo Building Banner Building Greensboro Loan and Trust Company Greensboro Centennial Celebration in 1908. Clegg Hotel in 1899
  7. Economic Development projects in the Greensboro area. Boom Supersonic jet manufacturing facility at Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro. It will eventually employ almost 2,000 workers. Toyota EV Battery Plant at the Greensboro-Randolph mega site which will employ over 5,000 workers Honda Aircraft Company world headquarters and jet manufacturing campus at Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro. The company plans a major expansion to build larger jets. Marshall Aerospace going up at Piedmont Triad International Airport. Looks like PTI has become the defacto "NC Global Transpark" The Mid-Atlantic air cargo FedEx hub at Piedmont Triad International Airport which start the chain of development around the airport.
  8. It is indeed Fujifilm. Over the past few years the Triad and Triangle have been seeing a lot of jobs announcements.
  9. Plus I just don't see Publix opening up a downtown Greensboro location. The demographics are not there yet for that kind of supermarket chain.
  10. The Prime Minister of Japan is making a historic trip to North Carolina Friday putting the state in the global economic spotlight. He will be touring the Toyota battery plant outside Greensboro and HondaJet in Greensboro. He will then have a luncheon with the governor in Raleigh along with a few stops there. President Biden announced the visit to North Carolina today during a press conference. Cooper said there will be another economic announcement in the state during the visit. https://www.wral.com/story/cooper-s-visit-with-japan-s-kishida-could-coincide-with-major-jobs-announcement/21371275/ More on the jobs announcement which will coincide with the Prime Minister's visit. A special meeting will be held Thursday for incentives for the unnamed company and no word where in the state it would expand. Its most likely a Japanese company. https://www.wral.com/amp/21371275/
  11. I would love to see Publix there. Not sure if the site fits their demographics but that would be cool. Its amazing Greensboro proper doesn't already have a Publix. The only one is technically in Jamestown even though its a Greensboro address. In other downtown news, a multifamily developer purchased a lot in the north end of downtown between the Tanger Center and ballpark. No details have been revealed but its likely the vacant building on the lot would be demolished for new construction residential. The building is next to Carroll at Bellemeade on 311 Battleground Ave. https://www.bizjournals.com/triad/news/2024/04/10/evolve-buys-greensboro-downtown-office-building.html
  12. Lidl backing out at South Elm and Gate City Blvd may have been a good thing. A developer wants to build a mixed use project there called South Gate which would include 6 story apartments, retail and space for a national grocery chain. The developer has been talking to Lidl as well. This is how an urban grocery store should be incorporated into downtown. Not a stand alone store with a large parking lot. https://www.bizjournals.com/triad/news/2024/04/09/south-elm-alexander-group-andy-zimmerman-retail.html
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