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  1. Removed: https://artiziaclt.com/ https://www.hawkclt.com/ Added Modera LoSo The Platform (under construction at 3232 South) Broadstone Southend
  2. They might have built a 1000'er if they'd known they'd not have to obey EPA rules anymore. The office density here is now phenomenal, but I'm interested to see how much of the space is actually occupied in the post-pandemic world.
  3. Removed a few completed projects, CPCC Library/Student Center Pearl St Park Fourth Ward Dog Park Devils Logic Brewing Uptown Cycle Track (5th-6th St) Some apartment buildings on Montford and Noda/Optimist Mill District Lowes Innovation Center The Hawk 224 W Tremont XLT Trail from 26th to Brevard Industrious Noda (436 East 36th Street) Amelies on 36th 500 W Trade St Apts McAlpine Creek Greenway - Sardis Rd. to Providence Rd AC Hotel South Park Liberty SouthPark AMC Park Terrace Renovation and PRSC The Landing at Park Road Apartments 16th and North Tryon Streetscape Dunavant Townhomes Southpoint Commons Townhomes I also updated a whole lot of statuses for projects now under construction
  4. https://charlottenc.gov/charlottefuture/CIP/aic/Pages/default.aspx
  5. https://charlottenc.gov/Projects/Pages/XCLT7thto10th.aspx Removed this section of XCLT, as it is effectively complete. Removed Quicktrip, updated Savona Mill land area and news, and Prices land. Removed the Faison & Davidson and the 33rd St townhomes that are built. Updated the 24th to Matheson route. https://charlottenc.gov/Projects/Pages/XCLTDavidsonMatheson.aspx
  6. added https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/01/29/haven-communities-wheelock-street-south-end.html
  7. Someone deleted Pearl St Park, and all the development around it. Is that all actually done? Last week, I went by it was still under construction. Please be sure to post when you delete to help others know when a place is done. (Pearl st park is listed as not being finished until this Fall) Removed St Pauls Townhomes in Belmont, they were done when i went by the other day. Removed Oxford Gateway. Added detail to Spectrum's building at Carson and Mint and added 400 Carolyn Lane apartments
  8. Also removed some CPCC buildings that are complete and the central police building.
  9. We've always removed when the project is done. Hard to predict when satellite will be updated by Google. Removed American Legion Stadium https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article252282618.html Removed Giddy Goat and Supperland in Midwood and Towers at Mattie Rose in Elizabeth
  10. Removed these. thanks. you can just post if you see others and I'll do it. thanks!
  11. Added the Kingston project. Removed the Ellis now complete https://theellisuptown.com/ The Square at Southend https://www.squaresouthend.com/ Also removed some remnants like Krispy Kreme shop and Pins Mechanical
  12. I thought beige logo billboards were supposed to go in front of the architectural features.
  13. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/development/article251132024.html Ally is now complete. http://legacyunioncharlotte.com/office/650-south-tryon/ Deloitte at Legacy Union is now complete
  14. Removal of 277 is not under the control of CATS and is not really on topic for this. It has been reviewed by NCDOT and it is remaining, and getting fewer interchanges. I like the dreamscaping, but if we think Hawthorne Bridge closure embittered general population to Gold Line, removing 277 and trying to absorb commuter traffic on the Dilworth and uptown grids will be despised. 2nd Ward has seen huge growth from the Blue Line and the last business cycle. All that is needed to continue that growth is for the land to not be in possession of the county/city/schools. Same obviously for Hal Marshall, but North Tryon has had major loss of momentum, while development has gone almost entirely to 3rd and 2nd Wards (and Southend). There are far more open blocks in 3rd, 4th and 1st Ward. We know the blocker for first ward, but taking the Silver line around Belk Freeway is clearly not needed for the growth of Wilmore, Dilworth or even 2nd Ward.
  15. To defend the alignment chosen through uptown is that it goes through huge areas that are ready for redevelopment, investment and growth. The Pipe & Foundry and 3rd Ward Warehouse districts are eyed for the type of growth that needs transit, but is currently 10-15 blocks of emptiness. Morehead Station is also in the 1/2 mile radius of the fast growing northern Wilmore / Gold District. Gateway Station does not exist yet, and it needs as much support and connectivity to both be useful as a station, but also to trigger the growth and redevelopment of the 7 blocks in the master plan. Without the private money, the station doesn't exist. Gateway Station is also with the 1/2 mile radius of Trade and Tryon, so while a Gold Line transfer is easy here, it is also an easy 5 block/ 8 min walk to Trade and Tryon. The recent growth around Bearden in 3rd Ward is density well worthy of a transit line closer to it. 4th Ward along Graham Street is underdeveloped 1980s low rise from the first wave of uptown residential 'revitalization' that is slowly turning to blight. Yet even as it is, is still the densest urban neighborhood population that is open to using transit, but is quite far from the Blue Line. Music Factory, North End, and Optimist Park are all in the 1/2 mile radius of this corridor and have major growth potential and momentum. Hal Marshal center and other "North Tryon" Parcels have been discussed for literally all of the decades that I have lived in Charlotte, yet they remain 4-5 blocks of developable land. Levineland is a catastrophic scar on uptown's urban fabric with over 6 blocks of undeveloped land, and surely will eventually need to be developed, even though it sure has had plenty of infrastructure stimulus already. Outside of uptown, the corridor will support the growth of Airport North, the Old Coliseum land, and the desperately blighted Independence corridor that needs to be redeveloped in the coming decades. With all of these benefits, it then is striking that along the railroad and 277 corridors in uptown are NCDOT land that are already suited for the noise and linear nature of the rail line and help serve a population and growth land that is not well served yet by the Blue or Gold lines. I could have imagined a world where they dedicated Trade and Elizabeth Street to transit and pedestrians and combined the Gold Line with the Silver Line from Gateway to Independence. But this orientation gives the city a new investment that combined with the other lines helps support and grow the urban fabric. Hopefully. Very interesting find! The scooters have a halo of seeming like electric transit, but when you see the massive trucks driving around at night to collect them all, I swear they have their mufflers sawn off and rolling coal all the way back to make that sweet charging money.
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