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  1. Autoweek has done a nice job following the developments between the Fairgrounds track and Speedway Motorsports. Their latest coverage dated Aug. 11 ... https://www.autoweek.com/racing/nascar/a37274342/speedway-motorsports-nears-formal-proposal-for-nashville-fairgrounds-lease/ Granted that Autoweek is covering this issue from the motorsports angle, but even so, Stand Up Nashville seems to be doing the bare minimum to represent its interests.
  2. News flash to the Stand Up Nashville folks who think that renovating a 100-year-old racetrack is going to bring massive change and development to the neighborhood: You lost that battle as soon as the MLS stadium began construction. Change, development, and traffic is already coming, so one NASCAR race per year is going to be the least of your worries.
  3. I watched the entire race Sunday -- I was really struck by how the commentators and a lot of people were gushing over Nashville, the turnout, and the potential future of NASCAR in Nashville. Nashville really proved itself to be a great NASCAR city.
  4. I've been reading the same speculation from NASCAR media folks. I'd be curious to know if one metro area has ever hosted Cup races at two different tracks in the same year.
  5. Although I didn't live here at the time, I recall reading that the pond was part of the Fountain Square Mall project when it was built in the late '80s. Maybe someone else can shed light on this, but didn't they offer paddle-boat rides in the pond back in those days? Then again, my memory could be way off -- a lot has happened since the late '80s.
  6. I just read that a major party's national governors associations (I won't even name which one to avoid opening a political can of worms) is having its annual convention here in Nashville this week, for what it's worth. Not exactly a massive convention in terms of numbers, but it's good to see Nashville hotel rooms getting booked.
  7. $2.35 million to re-do the interior of a relatively small space inside a mall? That seems mighty steep.
  8. The new owners sure didn't waste any time -- crews were removing the LifeWay signage from the building this morning.
  9. It baffles me that CVS or Walgreens wouldn't want to look at the CityFire space or the Two Old Hippies space that will be coming open soon. With no competition anywhere in that area, that's a wide-open marketplace.
  10. Just throwing this in the mix as another potential issue, since I just read it today: The trucking industry is dealing with a big shortage of tanker drivers, which could lead to gas delivery issues this spring and summer as travel heats up. Whether that leads to delivery issues or increased shipping costs for building materials, that's anybody's guess. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/27/business/summer-gasoline-shortage/index.html
  11. I've read other speculation that the Fairgrounds' NASCAR date would likely be in September or even October to distance it from the Nashville Superspeedway date and allow time for construction. At this point it's all speculation anyway.
  12. Almost any kind of new development along Murfreesboro Pike would be a welcome addition. That area has been ripe for change for quite a while.
  13. Is it wrong that I've been really looking forward to this?
  14. Wasn't there a big wave of new local food options announced by BNA several months ago? What happened to those?
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