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Charlotte area "ring cities"


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16 hours ago, rancenc said:

Don't remember seeing anything about the Anchor Mill development in downtown Huntersville.  Here is a article from May of this year concerning the progress of the project.


Here is Huntersville's RFP for the property.

I was scratching my head until I realized the mill was torn down by the town in 1998. Does anyone know the finer points to the story there?

"In 1998, the Huntersville Board of Commissioners purchased the 70,000 square foot Anchor Mill building and its 30.69 acre site.  On the site, a portion of the pad from one of the Mill buildings and landmark water tower are all that remain today. "

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Matthews is getting its first formal brewery (when phase 2 of this new taproom is completed)

I'm so glad for my little hometown- though I obviously always felt like I was in Charlotte when growing up. Trade St is such a peculiar little strip with those weird post-WWII buildings a block away from the old core strip. They're perfect for new purposes beyond the office space they've housed for decades. I was always so annoyed as a kid that downtown had nothing but AAA Collectibles and KFC if you were looking to hang out. I still wouldn't have been able to go to a bar as a kid, but, progress is progress.

Now, I'm not crazy about the super streamlined logo and interior vibe. Or maybe I'm just too accustomed to "rustic" tap rooms. Meh.







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8 hours ago, KJHburg said:

I like it.  All of these towns/cities should be looking to redevelop their 'downtown'.  Matthews, Pineville and even Gastonia have so much promise.  

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On ‎8‎/‎13‎/‎2016 at 0:50 PM, SgtCampsalot said:

Beautiful building! I love Salisbury.


Empire Hotel.jpg

This is actually one of many buildings in the downtown core and the immediate neighborhood that predates the Civil War.  I believe this hotel was built back in 1856 and was the largest hotel in this part of NC

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You must go in. Davis store is in numerous photos and books about southern life, mercantile history, and related topics. I bet it is online somewheres.The interior is historic in the extreme. At least last time I was there and it appears to be unchanged.

Just looked and there is lots of online reference about this Croft community on the rail line. Croft is Scottish word for a farm.

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To add to what's happening in Salisbury, a new microbrewery will be opening soon in the Arts District, one block north of the Lee St Theater.  The microbrewery is owned by Morgan Ridge Vineyards and Brewhouse out of Gold Hill, NC.  It will operate a wholesale brewery business out of the N Lee St side and a restaurant on the railroad tracks side with indoor and outdoor seating.  This is in addition to New Sarum Brewing which is located three blocks south.


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2 hours ago, SgtCampsalot said:

What's this you say about an Arts District? Is a de-facto one forming around that gallery/studio building?

No, there's an Arts District that's alive and well here.  I'm not too familiar with the area, but I did go take a walk and snap some pictures for you.

New Sarum Brewing & Arts District Sign





Lost & Found


Sorry, I have many more images, I just can't seem to attach them right now.

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