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Greenville on WikiMapia


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I thought this was really cool. :thumbsup::thumbsup: emerging.me had started a thread in the Columbia forum for WikiMapia. I had never gone on it before. Greenville's needs some serious editing and many places are not listed. The satelite image is a little outdated too (Greenridge is just dirt, I-385 rebuild is going on, no ICAR, etc, etc). Check it out. We should update as much as possible.


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Not me. :ph34r: I'm suprised you guys didn't know about Wikimapia. It's been there for a few years now. I found out about it about a year ago by looking at the bottom of the Greenville, SC wikipedia page where the satellite imagery and map links are listed. :thumbsup:

I've added about 20 places to wikimapia over the past couple of months including ICAR and Magnolia Park Town Center. The more stuff your city has on wikimapia the more popular it becomes. :)

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