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Construction Thread-Orlando-Dynetech Center


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I think it's time. Demo has begun on the existing structure so here we go!

32 story 367' mix use tower that will serve as the international headquarters of the Dynetech Corporation. Project includes:

150,000 sq. ft. office space

145 residential apartment units

9,000 sq. ft. retail and restaurant space

611 car parking garage

Rooftop pool and deck




Site on 4/1/2006






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wow, i gotta pay more attention when downtown. now that i look at the 2nd to last pic, it sure does look like it is downhill, but 11 ft? isnt that a little high?

It should be about that. If you parked your car on the bottom level, it was one story up to the second level. If you walked up the stairs, you were again at ground level.

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while looking at the 1st and 2nd pic rendering........ does the road change in elevation or something? i always thought of orlando being flat....lol

hah. yup.. for downtown there's this "hill" on Washington and a "hill" on Hyer St. in thorton park. (And you thought Orlando was flat!) :lol:

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This building would look so much sleeker if they'd get rid of those "saddle bags" on the lower half. Looks like a gal with a fat bottom. Oh well, too late to complain now.

"Little in the middle but she got much back!" [whip crack]

Great, I'll never see this building the same way again. Perhaps they will play it in the lobby,

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