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  1. I've always had confidence that it would get built before too long. Undertakings of this size don't always happen overnight.
  2. Besides, Eatonville is just too rinky-dink to really draw the most potential visitors anyway. DB has so many other attractions that draw visitors, some of whom will do an unplanned visit to the museum as a side trip. Also, a significant portion of those visitors in DB would be white, which is the group I would think they'd most like to reach. With a majority of black visitors, which is what they'd get in Eatonville, they'd just be preaching to the choir.
  3. I don't know what looks more convoluted in the video preview... the roller coaster in the background or the expressway.
  4. TL/DR. Seriously. Try to winnow your thoughts down to a few precise, cogent sentences that express your level of right-wing, pro-Trump brainwashed fealty without requiring readers to slog through all that wacky, conspiracy goofball driven folderol.
  5. I base my opinion about what Trump will do on his prior conduct like Russian collusion, sucking up to dictators, asking Russia to find Hillary's emails and inviting them to do whatever the hell they want to NATO countries who fail to pony up enough of their GDP for the UN, and his general attitude and demeanor. As for the Chinese spy balloon, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we let it go as far as it did on purpose, while feeding it false intelligence and/or monitoring what it was trying to find out about us. I wouldn't be surprised if we got more intelligence data out of it than it got out of us. The CIA are a tricky bunch. During his presidency, Donald Trump accepted $7.8 million from foreign countries, most of which was from China. Biden is alleged to have gotten $40k. Better go launder that red and white MAGA hat and wear it with pride like the rest of the drones...
  6. I wonder how long it will be before the GOPNRA reverses it.
  7. Ukraine: Ukraine is a barrier that would block Russia from having direct border access to Eastern European countries like Poland, Hungary and Romania. If those countries were to be invaded by Russia via a captured Ukraine, the next step would be our allies and economic trading partners in Western Europe. If one cannot see or understand the importance of doing whatever we possibly can short of going to war ourselves to keep Russia out of Ukraine, then there's no point in talking about it. Short sightedness being probably the most glaringly obvious characteristic of the average Trumper. The border: We've all heard about the strong, bipartisan border security bill Biden and the Democrats hammered out with Republicans, which he was ready and eager to sign into law, only to have it used (like he used the Constitution on J6) as toilet paper by Trump all for the sake of giving him a red meat election issue to campaign on. Because as we all know, Trump cares more about his own fortunes and staying out of prison than he does about the country. Criminals: I don't know which criminals President Biden is favoring or how he's supposedly doing so, but if it satisfies some urge on your part to make that claim, then more power to ye. US working class: Wait a minute... the President who's presided over raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, created 15 million new jobs and forgiven millions of dollars in student loan debt is putting the US working class in last place on his list of priorities???? Plus, he's been the most pro-worker, pro-union President since FDR. But hey, anything to shill for Trump, eh? Accuracy not important. .
  8. Trump's "America first" platform is little more than an empty slogan to rope in the suckers. Trump's real platform is "Trump first and everything else second". He'd sell us out faster than a pimp would sell his top money maker if it benefitted him enough. And BTW, more jobs have been created under Biden than under Trump and Biden's economy is better. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/biden-vs-trump-on-the-economy-and-the-winner-is-164241570.html I do agree that DeSantis is not as far out of step with average Americans as was claimed, at least on some issues. But on others, like abortion and some other privacy issues, he's just pushing a far right agenda to pander to Trump voters.
  9. That is really an unusual color scheme for Orlando!!! I kinda like it....
  10. Not the worst location for a residential tower IMO. It would certainly have high visibility from the 408 too.
  11. Ashley Sleazy tried every trick in the book to block the will of the people, but even with a r/w court, it didn't work.
  12. I'm just offering my opinion on the style of the "artwork". It looks like something off the cover of an 80's tourism/Chamber of Commerce brochure. They should have included an image of a discount attraction admission coupon. I've actually seen that same style of "art" on a mural in some TV commercial that was not filmed in Orlando. So I'm guessing maybe it's some kind of new Gen X/Y/Z fad. Which, given its lack of originality and imagination, like their music and entertainment, makes it right at home.
  13. Guess I was used to seeing it written around here as MEC.
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