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Thank you. Good photos.

It's funny to see how tiny are the tourists among the ruins.

Yes, Rome was the first real metropolis in the modern sense. The Ancients made lists of suburban cities including Velitrae (about 20 mi / 35 km south) Arretium (~110 mi / 180 km north) or Antium (~30 mi / 50 km south). Before Ostia, the first port of Rome was Puteoli on the Naples Bay (called Puteolanus Sinus then). That gives an idea of the Rome's metro area. About the height of the buildings, Trajan judged necessary to limit them at 60 ft (17.7 m). In the 2nd century AD, the rhetor Aelius Aristide, stunned by the density wrote "if the levels were separated and juxtaposed they would reach Hadria (Adriatic Sea)"(...) "Rome is a summary of inhabited world" ! Ovide : "The World is in the city !". Rome was also nicknamed "Ouranopolis" (Universe-city). The Coliseum (50 m hight, 100 000 m3 of stones) has always impressed tourists since Domitian. :)

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