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  1. Yeah, I've been seeing exactly what you're saying. But it's going to be quite a while before any additional lanes are added between Fayetteville and Johnson.
  2. Yeah, I'm really not sure why it took so long to open some of these lanes. To be honest, I was surprised ground was broken as soon as it was on this project. It is nice that the area has more control over these projects and not having to rely so much on the rest if the state.
  3. True, I think we've all been waiting for a NWA city to surpass Ft Smith and it's getting closer and closer. One other tend I've noticed is that after years of almost catching up to Fayetteville, Springdale seems to be slowing down a bit. Also shouldn't be too much longer before Bentonville passes the 50k mark. Sometimes I still have a hard time remembering just how much the area has grown. Instinctively thinking of some of the NWA communities as rather small as they were years ago and not what they've become now.
  4. Oh you know it. People haven't even seen these renderings of their other project and have already started moaning about the initial news of this development.
  5. I also think Whole Foods is a big enough name that it will draw some Benton County residents as well. I think Natural Grocers can make it, but part of it depends on how their office handles the situation. Are they serious about sticking it out? There will be some rough times ahead for some of them, but with the way the area is growing, I think the area can carry all three.
  6. Yeah I had heard about the NMW Mall being sold. For a fraction of what it sold for 10 years ago. Just wondering if it's really doing that badly. Although in general most malls seem to be having problems in today's market. But it's easy to say it was overpriced 10 years ago.
  7. I'd heard the northbound lanes. But no idea of how long.
  8. Oh I'm sure Kroger's or someone else could put in a very nice store. The problem is Walmart retaliating. Not just the fact that Walmart is notorious in opening stores right next to a competing store that are doing well. And I think other grocery chains are worried about Walmart taking notice of their stores in other parts of the country. Walmart has the resources to really ramp up competition if they feel some other chain is going to try to take them on in their backyard. I'm not necessarily saying Walmart would do something like this. But they could, and it's that fact that I believe keeps most chains from testing the waters here in NWA.
  9. I'm really not sure. I think most grocery chains are hesitant to take on Walmart in their own backyard. Walmart also recently really saturated NWA with new stores as well. It could happen at some point from someone new to this area. But I don't see anyone rushing in to our market to be honest.
  10. Surprise, surprise. The neighborhood did complain about it. Even the shorter building. Although to be fair on that one. I think people were unhappy about it being pushed back away from the street so much right next to the neighboring houses. I think if there wasn't so much of a setback and if it was more up on the street they'd be okay with it. But once again, this was with the shortest building.
  11. Yeah, being so close to that residential area, you know there will be a huge outcry for anything over two stories. For that matter even with just two stories you'll still have people complain about the 'additional traffic' and so on. But that whole area eastward to College Ave is a dividing line between residential and non-residential. But obviously the area near the hospital should be a prime area for more development.
  12. That's cool. I think the Mt Kessler area of Fayetteville would have been really cool location for it. But just glad NWA is finally getting one. I wonder if the Springdale location was chosen because it was a bit more centrally located for the metro.
  13. Yeah, Ft Smith isn't even close. Pine Bluff wins easily.
  14. Yes, no offense to Ft Smith. But I'm still surprised to see how some of the tv stations seem to cater so much to Ft Smith. The NWA metro easily dwarfs all the other Arkansas metros except for Little Rock of course. So how is it that the Ft Smith market still manages to steer so much of the tv coverage their way?
  15. I also thought the Women's unit was going west of the creek. But all the work there apparently was just to make a secure area for putting and storing equipment. Haven't seen any other work being done west of the creek in months.
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