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  1. I really like that Wheeler upgrades. I'll be excited to see how they end up.
  2. dgreco


    Grapefruit and Cactus league play starts today!
  3. They are still about 3 or 4 wins out of the tourney depending on the outcome vs. Villanova.
  4. dgreco


    Rays clinch and last game at Yankee Stadium
  5. dgreco

    NCAA Football

    Alabama looks to be the second most dominate team in the country. I would even say they could challenge USC for #1 but need another 1 or 2 big wins. Also, it looks like Boise St. is back. It stinks to see ECU go down. But we still have Utah, BYU, and now Boise St.
  6. dgreco

    NCAA Football

    I am really excited for the game tonight it should be a good one. I am surprised though that the Big East is 3-8 in OOC games and 0-6 vs. other BCS schools. Just when the Big East was turning around it seems to have fallen flat on its face.
  7. dgreco

    NCAA Football

    good game happening between UNC and Rutgers tonight. Rutgers is having a tough start to their season. Going 0-2 vs. Fresno St. and UNC could be tough on the Big East and on Rutgers.
  8. dgreco

    NCAA Football

    Ohio St looked bad last week. I think USC takes this game. I am really excited for the Mid Majors again this year. Utah, BYU, East Carolina. I hope they can make good runs.
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