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We really cant use the google maps thing for the Upstate until google gets higher resolution orthophotos for our area. We could do maps of Greer and Woodruff though, if you really want to.

Charleston, Myrtle Beach and the eastern half of Columbia are the only places in SC where we could do them with the high-res photos.

It is possible to work with the 30m stuff, but that is extremely difficult to do, even if you know the area.

For the time being these maps for any city in SC will have to be set up by Skyliner or myself. I would like to say that I could dedicate some time to make one of these for us, but I can't guarantee the time, so it would be a very sporatic development.

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Google just hasn't worked out a deal to get them up there yet. Odds are that the counties don't want them up there because they likely make a good bit of revenue from selling the orthos themselves. Richland and Charleston have lower resolution images up than they offer at their GIS sites. It appears to me that the City of Greer and the Town of Woodruff provided the images that are up there now, since they are the focal points... sorta. Thats just speculation though. My first sentence is the most likely case.

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