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Businesses I would like to see Downtown


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We all know there are bars and restaurants, offices, and some stores. But what businesses are REALLY needed downtown? Whats missing? What would make your life easier? Living downtown, what would you really like to have nearby? The businesses don't have to be big names, they could just be a small business that offers a service you need.

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I like all these ideas. I'd say a Publix, but that is on the way!

I would really like to see a Barnes & Noble or a Borders downtown, preferably a B&N as they tend to be more adaptable with their stores to suit a more urban setting. I know we have Urban Think downtown, and it is a really cool bookstore... however, it is a bit small and only really has just the one area of couches if you want to chill for a bit or study or whatever. Also, with the bar area, I've been in there sometimes while it has gotten a bit loud.

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^Im pretty sure at least one project will.

Probably a 24 hour walgreens or CVS as said previously, but does anyone know if the publix will be 24 hour or just nine- to- five style. Im guessing just half days as people dont want to listen to the sounds of a grocery store at night, but it would be possible ( and should be done) to block this out from flooding the first few floors.

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A Brooks Brothers or other fine men's clothing store would be nice. Even a Men's wearhouse downtown would be nice in case you spill something on yourself and are in a bind for a shirt or tie. Good affordable Italian restaraunt would be nice also, Vinny T's or Carraba's would be cool, family owned authentic Italian would be even better.

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- Perhaps a nice liquor store? (I can't find ONE downtown)

- Some type of bike store/service shop?

- A REAL bakery (I know we have Pannara, but you know what I mean)

- A TRUE lounge type bar - you know, quiet, upscale, piano music. Just like the Bosendorfer in the Bohemian, but more laid-back.

- A Jazz Club

- McDonald's or Burger King (every downtown has to have one).

- A Marriott Hotel that is actually DOWNTOWN

- Movie theater (coming soon, yippie)

- Upscale seafood eatery

- Mexican eatery (but PLEASE NOT DON PABLOS) :sick:

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-Movie theatres (an art-house type place would be nice)

-Video Rentals (a la Stardust, not Blockbuster)

-24 Hr Wallgreens (not CVS)

-Whole Foods / Chamberlin's

-HMV or VirginMegastore

-Crate & Barrel

-Urban Outfitters

-expanded fast food options: ex. Chipotle, Au Bon Pain

-a non-Starbucks cafe (remember Harold&Maudes?)

-a Jamba Juice kind of place for when its too hot for coffee

-a Ben&Jerry's style ice cream shop

-a non-B&N/Borders Bookstore

-a cabaret/dinner theater/playhouse theater

....in short, less Loaded Pig / Zuma Beach and more Millenia Mall / Winter Park !!!

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A starbucks with later hours farther north in downtown

A Barnes n nobles close by to that

A billiards club

bowling alley

virgin mega music store

more corner grocery stores and a publix (in the works)

A shopping strip (gap, kenneth cole, etc) (maybe on magnolia)

Theater (in the works)

Large performing arts center next to city hall!


A park square (lake eola). As of now, it just seems like a beautiful, yet dead place, especially at night.

The night life needs to hit rosiland too! Hopefully the vue and paramount will change that

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I'm quite amazed that there isn't a big chain drugstore/pharmacy like Walgreens or CVS in downtown. Out of all the business necessary to help sustain residential life in a particular area, this one is especially key.


The problem is that CVS and Walgreens just want to build their regular store, and aren't willing to go into that kind of space anymore. Look at the CVS in downtown St. Pete.

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What a great forum! Here's what would bring ME downtown more...

-A large book/music store (B&N, Borders, Virgin megastore, etc)

-Drugstore/Liquor Store

-Dept stores (macy's, bloomies, etc.)

-Moderate to expensive restaurants w/more of an Int'l flair.

-More FREE public parking

-An Observation deck on top of one of the skyscrapers

-Some form of trolley/cable car system through downtown

-A more visually attractive library

-A designated public square for local artists/musicians to showcase their talent(s)

-Is the idea of a downtown Zoo too far fetched?

-Museums brought DOWNTOWN

-Performing Arts Center

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Am I the only one that likes the downtown library? I find it visually striking.


I love the building too. I know it looks like a bunker of sorts, maybe that's it's appeal. It looks so unlike any building in the area. I'd rather get rid of the AT&T building next to it with that ugly tower!!

Is that building even still used?

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