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Fusion @ Neon (Under Construction)


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A new apartment building they're calling Fusion Apartments is on the discussion agenda for the May 11th ARB meeting. This will be located on the former lot of the Norfolk Community Services Board at 225 W Olney.


Edit; I knew this sounded familiar. This project was first mentioned when Buddy bought the building a few years ago. In the following article, it says 250 apartments, some retail and parking.


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Looks like this will indeed be mixed use.

"Renderings of Fusion @ NEON, another project from developer Frank “Buddy” Gadams, detail a five-story complex with a ground-level parking garage, walk-up townhouse-style apartments and coworking space on the first floor and more apartments above"

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I guess ....

Has it gone through ARB already? I mean, it’s fine. It’s not blowing my socks off.  In some ways I like it better than the original Gravity renderings.

BG does specifically state that “retail would be tricky” here. Meaning there won’t be any lol.  And that is purportedly due to the extra elevation needed to protect the Bldg from flooding. But sorry, I’m thinking he just doesn’t like retail all that much. Let’s be real. Look at what happened at Gravity400 . Planning commission Chairman and ARB said they had wanted to activate Waterside Dr with retail but caved on this priority because BG cited “limitations“ in his Bldg design. He was also literally dragged kicking & screaming into build retail along the Eastern end of that building. He did not want to. I think it was simply a concession to get them off his back, otherwise there would’ve been zero retail at Gravity because he was given an exemption on the western end.

With this Fusion building, there will be zero retail, as well. Co-working space, but no retail. Everyone here said they wanted the street to be activated by retail, so do we still want that? Will this design activate the street?  It’s right across from the Chrysler and the Perry. Do you think the design fits?

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I don’t mind the design, but I think retail is essential in order to connect parts of the NEON District. Go ahead and spring for the extra six feet in height, but create a mural to take away from it being a giant slab of concrete. 

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This is not a good look for the "arts" district. The previous rendering was modern, funky, and unique. This bland crap could be placed anywhere downtown. The architecture in the arts district should stand out, it should be different, it most certainly should not conform. Ridiculously disappointing, I'm done. :angry:

I really liked the blue too...

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