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  1. Portsmouth has benefited mightily already. Just ask the residents about their property tax reduction. For starters.
  2. Interesting view from the Towne Bank drive through.
  3. I watched the mtg. Laughable. Zero questions.
  4. Dillards is somewhere between 250,000 sf and 255,000 sf, spread across 3 floors. Depending on which publication you read. It was their East Coast Flagship and the largest department store in the history of Hampton Roads, the largerst in Virginia outside of NOVA, and one of the top 2-4 in size in the history of VA .
  5. I love trees. The airport's grounds have always been pretty. I attribute that to the airport's proximity to the Botanical Gardens. The City and the Airport Authority wanted to make the transition between the two seamless. Now the airport is going to lose much of its natural beauty to make way for the new Hotel, other buildings....and now this...whatever it is. However, I can accept all of that destruction in the name of progress for all. I'm sure...well, I hope....they'll be planting trees elsewhere.
  6. jajajajajajajajajaj!! exactly!! Obviously someone in the marketing dept loves him/her some mythology, but has he/she/them/they actually given any deep thought to this campaign?? I mean, first of all, where are all the HOT Sirens?? And where is their Siren Song?? Nay, all I see is waiting for prospective sailors it the promise of 3 square (meals) and a meager housing allowance. OH...plus a chance at an all expenses paid trip to the nearest deathtrap of a warzone!!! yeeeeehawwwwwwwwww!!
  7. tax credits! y'all know the what, why, how, right? the city likely asked for mixed use. hence the mixed "tidbits" of other uses.
  8. I must say that ORF continues to crush it, and this even before the advent of the nearly $700,000,000.00 in proposed development at the airport! International destinations, Let's Go! I did do a very cursory study of the other sort of mid major airports East of the Mississippi and South of Maryland, and the average growth last year ('23 vs. '22) was around 11 to 13%. So we appear to be right in line with the post pandemic trend. Better yet, the limited data I could retrieve from 2019 to 2023 year's end seemed to indicate that we are slightly ahead of the game for that period. Perhaps by 5 pct. -ish. I didn't have time to do a deep dive, but that is sort of a decent overview of where things stand vis-à-vis out peer-ish airports in peer-ish markets. Lol.
  9. Wut u talkin' 'bout, Willis? HRT guy lied. The proposed VB Town Center stop already had significant, LRT-ORIENTED-LOOKING development, so they should have just extended LRT there and taken full credit. Lol .
  10. 100. Problem is they let the damn Chick-fil-A build next door. Morons.
  11. It's Breeden. The city government willing, it will get built. 100..
  12. WOW! A 12.5 percent increase from last March (2023) is tremendous.
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