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  1. Considering this has been out for 2 years and the design hasn't changed, I think we have a good chance. Let's see what the people in design review have the say, but fingers crossed. If this type of innovative design goes anywhere in Norfolk the arts district is the perfect place, so if they reject that I don't know what to say.
  2. The Neon District posted on Instagram Friday that The Breeden Co., based in Virginia Beach, is the developer on that project, which will include ground-floor retail, live-work units and public areas
  3. Finally made it into the SoC, just 2 years later... Hopefully this means that they've ironed out all the kinks and will be ready to proceed in short order.
  4. Neo-colonial brick with a side of vinyl incoming...
  5. That's ridiculous and completely at odds with where the city is trying to go in that area. Should get rejected, the city seems to finally be pushing for more urban development and sticking to their guns (for once).
  6. We actually posted about this project over a year ago. Need to find the original post. Video was included, but strangely taken down. I remember some debate over whether this was was real or not. Seems we have our answer...
  7. The more I think about it, Cordish being involved makes the most sense. Win win for both. Cordish can finally stop b….ing about being left out, and get another crack at the casino. Norfolk gets a casino developer with a proven track record, even if it is one that they’ve had differences with in the past, and that entire conflict is put to rest. Of course another referendum would be required, but there’s a 90% chance we’ll need another referendum regardless of what happens here anyway. Norfolk is in a bad spot. I think they’re open to a lot of options that wouldn’t have been considered before.
  8. I can see that, but I feel that the lower portion under the taller tower on the right looks casino-ish.
  9. The rest of the area below the towers minus the parking garage looks oddly similar to the temporary casino plans, which is a choice… I’m curious if that developer’s name might start with a Co and end with an ish…
  10. One on the far left may be 25-27. One on the right probably clears 30. Parking garage is 5 floors and the tower base looks to be about 2 floors above that.
  11. Those look like VERY tall buildings by Norfolk standards. At least 2 of those would easily clear tallest in the city. I refuse to get excited, been burned too many times before. Still waiting for 78 at St. Paul’s to get off the ground… This is, however, the first semi-exciting SoC we’ve had in years though, so at least that’s progress.
  12. Best news I've heard on this in a while. Norfolk seems to be on the ball with this one. Will definitely take longer to get a casino going this route, but staying on the current course leaves the possibility of us getting nothing at all.
  13. Portsmouth has reduced their real estate tax rate due solely to tax revenue from the casino. This is a real, true, and tangible benefit to Portsmouth residents and also makes them slightly more competitive region wide. $5 million of tax revenue also went to city schools. Oh, what could have been... https://www.pilotonline.com/2024/04/02/casino-revenue-boosts-portsmouths-proposed-budget-to-reduce-real-estate-tax-decrease/
  14. Still on track. Should be going vertical in 2 months.
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