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  1. Construction update of the 73-story, 1,022' Waterline apartment/office/hotel tower and the 594', 52-story Travis apartment tower:
  2. If I had a nickel for every time ...
  3. Austin has gotten too expensive for a lot of people, and the growth has shifted to the suburbs. Three of the five fastest growing cities in the U.S. (Georgetown, Kyle & Leander) are Austin suburbs. Plus the Texas Leg effectively stopped Texas cities from annexing populated areas in 2018.
  4. Someone in Austin who has been working with the developer on financing related to their Austin Ritz project has been giving me updates over the past year. The Nashville project has always been their main focus, but it's not looking good. Their Austin project is looking even less good. They couldn't get financing when the economic outlook and the banking/financing situation was much better than it is now, so the chance of obtaining financing in the near future is dwindling. But the projects are not dead.
  5. A couple of new renderings recently surfaced:
  6. This is one of my favorite projects that hasn't started yet. The height and location will have a nice impact on the skyline. It's still crawling through the city approval process.
  7. This one is going up fast now. Photo by Urbannizer at SSP.
  8. Here's a view of 6xG on a dark and stormy night. Link
  9. Gratuitous repost. This one is still moving through the city approval process.
  10. A zoning change request was filed this week for a 540' residential tower with a possible observation deck on top. This is the 10th tower planned for the South Central Waterfront on the south side of the river.
  11. Here are some updated photos by Urbannizer at SSP:
  12. The FAA filings indicating that this had become a supertall were filed in error. The new FAA filings have it as 603'. The approved elevations have it as 590', and that is the height I am going with. I will no longer be updating this project since it's not at least 600' tall. Plus it's all office, and financing has dried up for speculative office towers.
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