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  1. None of these look like developers. They seem to be the kind of entities that see the mall as numbers on a spreadsheet, rather than a physical location that contributes (or doesn't) to a community. Maybe they'll flip it at some point? (I hope...) Can't say I'm thrilled. Probably status-quo here for a while. Most of the malls Mason Asset Management owns look like a similar profile to WestGate, just hanging on. We're a better location than most of them (Rust Belt) though.
  2. That seems like a pittance. GIS says main mall property (anchors not included) is ~37 acres, which works out to around $419,000 per acre. Yeah, that's dirt cheap. For comparison, the 1.1-acre Whataburger parcel across the street sold for $3.3M in 2021. Wonder who the buyer is?
  3. P&C article about the new payment kiosks for City parking decks. The rates are the same (absurdly low): $0.50 per hour, $4 daily max, free nights and weekends. Only card payments will be accepted. "[...] right before the city transitions to kiosks, it will remove any time limitations so drivers don't have to go up several levels if they're parking for more than two hours." This is a mistake that will fill the lower levels with long-term parkers, making short-term parkers drive up several levels, which is counter-intuitive. They haven't decided whether they'll charge for the planned City/County garage (they should, IMO). It makes sense that the Courthouse deck is free because it's on the fringe of downtown, so demand isn't there. But this one will be the most-used in downtown, I guarantee it. And they'll need to charge to balance supply and demand. On another note, I learned in a previous article that the ballpark deck will be privately-owned, so I suspect that will cost money to park (at least on game-days). What ever happened to that comprehensive parking study that was done with the Chamber? I think it was pre-COVID, and they recommended meters for street parking to increase turnover. I'd love to see that happen, but no one seems to be talking about it anymore. Also, are the tops of the decks still closed off? I think my parents said the Kennedy deck top level was open (at least for Spring Fling). But if the others are still closed, we currently have an entire extra parking deck worth of capacity just moth-balled, yet we're building new decks...
  4. Good interview in the H-J with the City's new planning director Fredalyn Frasier. She's lived abroad in Europe, and mentions walkability there. She studied in Charleston under Joseph P. Riley, and mentions historic preservation as important. She mentions her time in Atlanta planning for the BeltLine, and what can be learned from the successes and failures there. She talks about taking ideas from other places and adapting them to fit Spartanburg. She mentions the importance of communicating with the community so they feel involved in the process (very important, IMO). She also mentions greenspace, which I think we put too much emphasis on. But we do need a stronger tree ordinance, IMO. Anyway, she seems to generally be saying the right things. Look forward to her getting situated and getting down to business.
  5. Former A Arrangement Florist site on Kennedy Street is for-sale ($250k). Listing says the building will be demolished (again, I don't like demolition without a firm redevelopment plan first). A bit of a shame to lose a quirky little retail building. GIS says it was built in 1955, and I suspect it used to look more modernist (I think the hipped roofs were added at a later point). But anyway, I hope we get something here soon, so we don't have an empty lot for too long. BTW, this site is zoned DT-5 with a side-parking overlay.
  6. Sunday afternoon scenes around Morgan Square
  7. Apparently. Technically, it does satisfy the requirements. It's a fire-rated stairwell, so anything more likely would've been pretty expensive, so I presume that's why the Library went with "minimally adequate".
  8. Framing is up to the second floor. It seems a bit strange they didn't build the elevator shaft to full height before framing (that's usually the way it's done). Still three more floors to go.
  9. Boxcar update: the pad closest to Forest Ave was poured, and the elevator shaft is basically at full height.
  10. Small windows, see rendering a few posts up.
  11. Recent progress pic from the library's FB page:
  12. Not bad for something outside the DRB purview. I wish the sidewalks along the streets (esp. Pine) were wider, but otherwise a solid development.
  13. Census Bureau release their 2023 population estimates for cities today. Spartanburg is now at 39,040; which is up 438 from the 2022 estimate and up 308 from the 2020 census. On the bright side, that's one of our largest years of growth in many years and likely the highest population since the early 2000s. On the downside, we were passed by Myrtle Beach and have dropped to 13th largest city in SC. I feel like that growth is an under-estimate. By my calculations, the City has added ~864 units of housing since the 2020 Census, yet we've only gained 308 people? And that's not counting the ~632 units that came online in 2023 itself, or the 196 units of Robert Smalls, which I consider net-neutral. Maybe we'll see more growth next year? (also, Greer grew by 2.6x as many people as Spartanburg and Greenville combined, which is just silly.)
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