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  1. Like the list. Would add-I really hope the City/County building is going to be something we can all be proud of. The Courthouse was classic-The Police Station.....well.....its a nice box and utilitarian. The City/County building I hope is sleek and modern. I would like to see more parks around downtown...like the pocket park. Small Green Spaces that people can sit and enjoy. More housing
  2. Daniel Morgan behind the courthouse is maintained by SCDOT. I am willing the bet the city and county don't want to fund it.
  3. Of course there is more to Horry County than just Myrtle Beach just like there is more to Greenville County than the City of Greenville. The warm weather that is fairly consistent and low cost of living near the ocean is drawing in lot of retirees.
  4. There were 6-7 around the Montgomery. 10-12 on my short drive through downtown that isn't past the Montgomery. There is a group that is also different that is along W. Main around the QT/old Church's Chicken. I would guess its about 5-8. The homeless population is far more than a "whole dozen" and far larger than the numbers I have on here.
  5. The statement is horrible but it does point a finger at an issue that I have noticed. The number of homeless in Spartanburg seems to be growing faster and faster. When I lived in the Montgomery there were 5-6 that I had fairly constant contact with because I saw them every day in that specific part of town. Now that I have moved and drive through downtown on the way to work, there are probably 10-12 I see along my drive on E. Main, downtown, and in the Hampton Heights area. Spartanburg needs to develop a plan and look into why the population of homeless is growing.
  6. At this point, if it can be built go for it. After over two decades of being an empty lot...I say let the developer do what they want and lets move on.
  7. Thanks for the details. I was aware that they were in place but not to that level. Guess the real issue is we need more new buildings/developments. I agree...the city needs to apply these codes to the major arteries.
  8. So the city needs to look at its codes and mandate that parking lots go in the back and buildings be closer to the streets. Its something that they should have done long ago. It will up the feeling of density. Toss in landscaped medians and more sidewalk landscaping...it would create a better feeling overall.
  9. The state really seems to dislike road diets unless the city/country put up a fight. I think planted medians along sections would help reduce the impact of how big the road is.
  10. It would be interesting to see it set up as a multi purpose space. Drop down screen for movies (show older movies that are just better on the big screen etc) Decent sized performance space for smaller bands/groups. Partner with Chapman Cultural center/Childrens Theater/Spartanburg Community Theater to put on perofrmances etc.
  11. If 3000 feet puts it out of downtown, then downtown is quite small. I would rather see it on St. John where it may spur further growth and development and over time see "downtown" spread out and surround the new police headquarters.
  12. Not trying to pick a fight but way over there? The location is only 3000 feet in a straight line from its current location.
  13. I think a really modern glass cube would be a good idea but thats just me. I will be happy if they avoid brick and greek revival.
  14. 100% agree that living downtown is not the same as living in the country or even in a subdivision but feel that this development got it right with the private courtyard for residents
  15. I get the desire to have the courtyard used by a restraunt. I lived in the Montgomery Building for two years and one of the biggest issues was the lack of outdoor space that wasnt open to the public. 142 Social has balconeys, the Silver Street apartments have balconys and a pool, Aug Smith has the outdoor area up top...Living in a site with no "private" outdoor space can be a bit hard on people who live there.
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