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  1. Agreed. There are plenty of good local landlords in GR, plenty that or bad local landlords. I'd think people would be more worried about private equity firms / large REITs buying up buildings/ apartment complexes and setting them on auto pilot than some large firm trying to pick off single familiy homes 1, 2, 10 at a time per city. It doesn't seem like it would scale the way they'd want and would be more hassle (dealing wiht local ordinances, finding local maintenance companies, etc. etc). Is the a trend in other cities in the US? I could maybe see Chicago, NYC, LA, but I think they'd still have a scaling issue if they didn't decide to become a major player in a metro area. Joe
  2. Interesting article about fears of “Wall Street investors” taking advantage of proposed zoning changes. I wonder if most of the fear is coming from Heritage Hill residents? I hadn’t heard this before, but @whitemice’s excellent analysis seems spot on and I liked the comments Turkelson made in the article (do national firms really care about buying one single family home to turn it into 2-3 rentals, or do they focus on larger developments).? https://www-mlive-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2024/04/some-fear-housing-changes-will-attract-wall-street-landlords-but-city-says-thats-unlikely.html?outputType=amp&amp_js_v=0.1&amp_gsa=1#webview=1&cap=swipe
  3. Yeah, the balconies on the Leonard side should have some awesome views.
  4. The plans for the CRC church building include a Meijer gas station on the corner of Kalamazoo and 28th, plus "future development" of two commercial sites to the east and a "future concept" for an additional commerical space and residential immediately to the south. Here's the site plan going before the planning commission in May:
  5. Here are the details for the residential building that has been mentioned next to Sun Title: A five-story mixed-use building of residential and retail is proposed. 181 units are proposed – 86 studios of around 400 sq. ft., 91 one-bedrooms ranging from approximately 520 sq. ft to 650 sq. ft., and 4 twobedrooms of approximately 900 sq. ft. All units will be Type A or B accessible. The majority of units will have a balcony or porch. Additional amenities include a 4th floor lounge with city views, gym access at the existing Sun Title offices, and other recreation opportunities within the courtyard. Sustainability features include solar panels, heat pumps, and electric-only utilities. The retail space will be approximately 622 sq. ft. and located off of Leonard Street. While a tenant is still being determined, proposed uses will follow those allowed in the TN-TBA (Traditional Neighborhood – Traditional Business Area). They are looking for a parking exemption (230 spaces required, they want to have 78). Parking would be located on the existing sun title parking lot. 56 bike spaces.
  6. I moved this into its own topic as I'm sure we'll be talking about this project for months/years. This is very exciting, smart, and I believe it's on my list of predictions for 2024 (would love to see CWD convert the Lemon-Wheeler Building on Ionia to housing. It's a beautiful building, seems like it'd have a good footprint, and it seems like its been underutilized (I used to work on the upper floor and it definitely wasn't 100% occupied). For CWD, this seems like such a logical move as they have the ability to offer clients many options for new space, and concentrate office space into existing buildings while potentially rethinking other building uses. A Mixed use building (5/3 will remain with the top 7 floors being converted to residential) will make this area more active 24/7. I just wish they could have converted the WHOLE building and moved 5/3 to another office building downtown. Construction should start this fall. I'm excited for this one! Joe
  7. Nice revitalization project of an old building in Greenville. I've always liked Greenville's downtown. A lot of beautiful Italianate architecture: https://www.woodtv.com/news/montcalm-county/new-life-apartments-added-to-historic-greenville-building/ Joe
  8. Nice article and photos of the Ada Hotel. Getting close to completion. Looks really nice. On the upper end of the $$$ range. https://www.woodtv.com/news/kent-county/sneak-peek-inside-the-not-quite-ready-ada-hotel/
  9. DDA gave the new putt putt golf bat on Ionia a $49,000 retail innovation grant. Looks like they will open end of summer: https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2024/04/putt-putt-bar-coming-downtown-gets-49k-from-grand-rapids-board.html
  10. DDA is phasing out on street dining (in the next month; at the very least, why didn't they wait until winter?) and businesses will have to apply for the "parklet" program. I This seems short-sighted at a time that restaurants downtown seem to be churning a bit: https://www.woodtv.com/news-from-our-partners-at-crains-grand-rapids-business/ Joe
  11. There is a change.org petition from StrongtownGR in support of the proposed zoning changes. In case anyone wants to add their name. https://www.change.org/p/support-zoning-ordinance-reforms?recruiter=74427404&recruited_by_id=d08f19ae-ba9f-43e3-9280-02d0d9811e89&utm_source=share_petition&utm_campaign=petition_dashboard_share_modal&utm_medium=copylink
  12. Thought this was a very interesting project. Nice new green space (instead of a parking lot). Definitely will increase the “curb appeal” on this section of 196: https://www-mlive-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2024/04/whats-under-construction-near-i-196-kent-county-parks-has-big-plans.html?outputType=amp&amp_js_v=0.1&amp_gsa=1#webview=1&cap=swipe
  13. Reminds me a lot of the pay for play / listicle articles we’ve seen in the past. Recently saw Grand Rapids on a list of best cities to live. It said we were a “college town”. I’d say we’re more of a town with colleges. we get it though. The boomer meme was hilarious though. Haha
  14. Really interesting. Jonathan Rooks was a huge part of the revitalization / downtown living options in Grand Rapids in the earl 2000s before developing Muskegon. He developed redeveloped this building early on to bring condos to that building. Glad he still sees potential in that building. Joe
  15. I agree with the others. I think it’s pretty clear that Corewell doesn’t want to be part of an active, healthy and diverse neighborhood, they want to “own it”. They seem to be doubling down on building a suburban office park (as someone mentioned). It also seems a bit brash after the planning commission told them they need to be embrace the surrounding neighborhoods (and their viewpoints). Instead, they bought the Rocky’s building (accumulating more property that they’ll consider blighted) and are petitioning to name a street after themselves. Their actions seem absolutely tone deaf to what the planning commissioners and neighbors told them they’d like to see. and in 5 years, they’ll probably just rebrand again and Corewell Drive will make no sense. Haha Joe
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