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Connecting the Gulch with Sobro


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I have stated this and stand by it- the next gulch/sobro/12south for Nashville will be the connection between The Gulch and Sobro (which I believe includes the area directly behind the MCC).

I believe this area can be a very unique area characterized not by skyscrapers but by low and mid-rises, similar to what you see in Boston, West Village manhattan, DC, etc... very pedestrian friendly and extremely walkable.

I think that perfect catalyst for this connection is a pedestrian bridge similar to "The Highline" in Chelsea.


Of course, this is all fantasy on my part, but I think it would be great for this area.

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The Chelsea Highline looks like a great alternative. Although it looks better suited for trips by strolling tourists than local commuters. I also read this article today about Smart Growth. It's an interesting take on scaling down density and making approachable neighborhoods. When I think about building a great city from the downtown out, this is the frame of reference I use.


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