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Largest in NC


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I was sitting here trying to google up the largest construction project in NC right now. And I started wondering what the largest building in NC is, as well as the largest acreage development and things like that. So this is a thread dedicated to the beasts of NC. Anyone have anything to add?

Charlottes largest building is the 2.2 million sq foot Wachovia CIC building in University City. *I think at least*

Keep in mind this thread can be about anything, including parks, beaches, any useless or useful information is great!

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Over my way, I would say that the largest construction projects are:

*Green Square in downtown Raleigh. This project is a new state government complex that has a footprint over 325,000 sq ft. and costs over $100 million. It will include a 4-story nature research center, interactive galleries, office space for 600 employees of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, office space for 300 SECU employees and a 700 space parking deck.

*North Hills East in Raleigh. Developer John Kane is developing a 50-acre site adjacent to his previous project, North Hills that will include a 17-story tower (which will have 900,000 sq ft. of space), a two-floor Harris Teeter, 409 apartments and "at least 8 other projects, including another hotel." It also includes a huge retirement home. More information and renderings of the project can be found at http://www.kanerealtycorp.com/north/renderings.aspx

*Collectively, the 540/Capital Blvd. intersection of Raleigh. This area have several projects going on that will completely change the face of this area once they are all complete. This is one of the largest hotspots in Raleigh for development right now. Development is going on continuously at this area for as far as a mile north of the intersection.

*Hillsborough street is Raleigh is being completely redesigned by the city. It is being shrunk from 4 to 2 lanes and getting traffic circles, among a number of other improvements to make it more inviting and pedestrian friendly. More information on this project can be found Here

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Here is a list for Greensboro

1) Greensboro has the largest Harris Teeter grocery store in the state and nation. AKA "Tajma Teeter" (over 70,000 sq ft) The store is located in the Shops at Friendly Center which is also home to Brooks Brothers, Apple Computer Store and PF Changs. The Harris Teeter has a coffee shop, hot meal bar, pizza parlor, japanese sushi bar, olive bar and cheese bar,

(photos courtesy of JerseyBoy)





2) Greensboro has the largest hotel in the state (Sheraton Four Seasons / Joseph S. Koury Convention Center) It has two towers, one 15-stories and the other 28-stories. The hotel has 1,020 guest rooms, its own night club, cigar bar, two or three restaurants and is also the largest hotel between Atlanta and Washington, DC. The Koury Convention Center is one of the largest "privately owned" convention centers in the country.



3) Greensboro has the largest indoor arena in North Carolina. The arena is part of a large coliseum complex that includes a 2,000 plus seat auditorium, convention space/mini arena and future addition to the coliseum such as an aquatic center, ACC Hall of Champions & Museum, and an amphitheater.


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