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Ten Ten on the Row


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So the front of the building facing the street is a giant garage door and a blank brick wall. Wow, that's just wonderful. <_< I don't mean to sound like an overly cynical a-hole here because I am genuinely pleased with all of the increased density and new residents that projects like this bring, but if the trend in Nashville continues down the path of building mostly half-assed attempts at truly urban buildings that are surrounded by walls and contribute zilch to the street and the public realm, then it seems as though once the urban fabric really starts filling in we will miss out on the things that really make urban areas worth living in. Am I really the only one that is bothered by this?

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I really wish the city would have taken advantage of the "quaintness" of Music Row and made sure new construction was "quaint" as well. Instead, they just about allow anything built among those awesome little houses converted into studios. Pretty soon, Music Row will look like "everywhere."

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