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Okay, so this is a follow-up to the guessing game from the dining thread. I'm extending to restaurants AND other Richmond recognizable locations.

Rules: Basically post a picture or give hints, and see if anyone can guess the correct location.

Let's begin. Can anyone guess what location has a second story window that gives you this nice downtown view?:


(Clickable thumbnail)

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Here's one (sorry no picture): What is the name of an out-of-the-way but popular lunch spot not far from Gilpen Court? It's near one of Richmond's universities.

This is an obscure one that has not been discussed in the other restaurant thread. If you need additional hints, I'll be happy to supply them -- one at a time. :rolleyes:

Does everyone agree that the last restaurant should be identified before we move on to the next one? Otherwise, we'll be all over the map.

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