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Spartanburg Photo of the Day


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Its I'll add that I go back and forth on USCS/USC Upstate. I call it USCS by default, but I've been trying to make the switch. I'm more irritated that they changed the school's mascot from the Rifles to the 'Spartans' and that 'Sparty' thing. That was a cool and very unique mascot.

I couldn't agree more about "Sparty." If you've got to change from the Rifles to the Spartans, why not just have a Spartan (as in Greek warrior) be the mascot, similar to SoCal's Trojan -- what is it with this big black bear dressed as a Spartan? I was told the bear is used because "they" thought it would be more appealing to kids, but I don't think it looks kid friendly at all. I think he looks kind of creepy. Also, the extreme blackness of the character doesn't photograph well -- he is just too dark.

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The main problem is that it changes traditions to change your mascot. If that happens, it should be from the students, and not the officials.

Spartan, that makes good sense. That said, I have no problem if they pick Spartans or they pick Bears. I guess it's the combination I just don't get. It looks like a compromise gone bad to me.

Despite Sparty :-), I am impressed with the school. If you haven't been there in a while, you'll be surprised with the growth. Upstate offers our area some excellent academic opportunities. Their Education and Nursing departments especially contribute to our local healthcare and education communities. I understand that they are building a new Nursing building on campus. Does anyone know how that is coming along?

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If you want your images to show up, when you click "Add Reply," use the button with an icon of a tree on it and just enter the URL. I tried to do it for you, but for some reason they wouldn't show up that way. Probably something on my end, but that's the way to do it for future reference.

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Another great aerial, RS!







Great pictures djh! I especially like the one of the Dupree House. Its very fitting that its next to a cemetary seeing as how the house is just rotting away.

It would be cool/fun to document all of Spartanburg's old buildings, large and small, that are not currently being used at all, or to their fullest extent.

Nice pictures. Didn't know there was a cemetary in front of the Dupree house.

That cemetary is one of the oldest in town, and also one of the only ones that has street frontage on a semi important road. Its called the Magnolia Street cemetary. I've always thought it was interesting how Spartanburg has managed to hide its cemetaries. I don't think it was on purpose, but it just worked out that way. One of the more important ones is the Oakwood Cemetary in the back of the North Converse Heights neighborhood. You have to want to find that one though.

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I was taking pictures of the train station a couple of weeks ago hoping to catch a train go by. I was going to slow the shutter speed to have a time-elapse effect and everything. I got tired of waiting and left. As I pulled up to the stoplight just outside the station, I heard the train coming. :rofl:

There's always next time. ;-)

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