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Baton Rouge Photo of the Day


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I was passing through town today and did eat lunch here and  visited the top of the State Capitol.  This time I must have gone in the main entrance as I saw the grand foyer and 2 chambers which someone I missed on my last visit.  (think I went in the back entrance last time and went straight up the elevator and never saw the grand foyer) Anyway you have a great Capitol obviously the tallest in the country and it is a classic 1930s building.   Some shots of Capitol Grounds (which are beautiful) and some from inside and some from up top.  Very friendly staff there too.   Great clear day you could see for miles and miles.    warning lots of photos but hey I am tourist.  Ate lunch at Acme Oyster which I have eaten at in New Orleans and knew it was good and it was. 












































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Thanks for posting all of the pics  KJHburg. Sure would like to borrow or take one of your city's (Charlotte) modern high - rises in stick it in downtown BR ...  scanning thru Google EARTH 3D those new towers are impressive! Impressed to see a new 4th Tallest was built in 2019.....and  the Duke Energy Center 786'ft  (2010) was a nice complimentary skyscraper to the 871'ft Bank of America Corp.Center / Wedding Cake Top Tower

Nothing like an October Sunset on Football Friday Night!


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On 4/22/2023 at 10:07 PM, richyb83 said:

Spring storms; that time of the year


One of my trees got struck by lightning this weekend.   The bark on the side is charred, but it's still there.   Going to have someone look at it for me to see if I can save the tree..... 

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Yeah Cajun seems to be a more common occurrence these days. My concern is there so many tall trees with large limbs ready to fall into people houses. And the green tree canopy near power lines that need to be trimmed before hurricane season.

Low cloud deck envelopes the State Capital after a big line of T-storms came racing thru a couple Saturday's ago. Hail & high winds were the main culprits

Not an easy shot driving up the bridge.


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On 5/5/2023 at 5:32 PM, dan326 said:

Multiple trees around my parents house have been struck at various times. I think I remember they loved for about 1 year or 2 then ended up having to be cut down.

Yep Dan326 more n more common story ...lady around the block just had large tree removed due to lightning strike.

We are wondering if our hot water heater up in the attic took an indirect lightning strike; the "Anode"  (long rod)  was basically melted and water was a sulfur- egg - like smell to the water.


Clay Cut Bayou ..... approx. 10 mile long waterway that  runs West-to- East from the Amite River(where it's fairly wide)  to old near Bluebonnet Road as a small  cement canal.

Its basically a glorified ditch near the end of it's trek  here at the small bridge @ Telesmar Ave. (just West of Siegen Lane)


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Yes indeed!  Yeah Dan326 it makes you wonder!  Ward Creek has gotta be BR's   largest "non river" waterway. Alligators have been seen down toward Highland Road!

This has me almost wanting  to start a waterway thread ..plenty to choose from

...Fountain Bayou/ Elbow Bayou ; Ward Creek Dawson Creek/ Bayou Duplantier; .........Claycut Bayou

Jones Creek / Lively Bayou (merge near Old Hammond Hwy ); connected to Honeycutt Bayou that goes under Millerville/O'Neal ; I-12; Oschner to Amite River...

Hurricane Creek in NBR ; Cypress Bayou at the Zoo...etc


LSU WON the  Baton Rouge Region in baseball  today!  ....ESPN2 & ESPN+ have been showing some nice aerials of Downtown between innings!


Took  pics  on my desktop monitor





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On 6/5/2023 at 9:19 PM, richyb83 said:

Yes indeed!  Yeah Dan326 it makes you wonder!  Ward Creek has gotta be BR's   largest "non river" waterway. Alligators have been seen down toward Highland Road!


Oh that doesn't surprise me.   It's not practical for hunters to handle them in the city, but they aren't quite common enough yet to be a nuisance for animal control.   I also imagine some kids throw food to them in that area sometimes too.   So they will be around there, possibly even walking up onto Santa Maria golf course eventually if they haven't already.    Honestly they are almost certainly around as far north as College.   

That section of Ward by Highland also holds plenty of water during normal days, so there's lots of smaller food sources and ample places to nest for gators.   

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Thanks for y'all's replies!  LOL Cajun!! Quick wit!  Yeah Dan326 if your not too far  from the Amite River Basin you may see a small gator.

As kids we would go to  back park into Lively Bayou. Fairly narrow in many places you could practically jump across; but not near the drainage pipes were it was a pool of water. Will never forget when we saw a HUGE snake with a fish in his mouth!



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