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  1. I doubt it was a misunderstanding. the media was one thing Donald Trump was right about.
  2. So what does that mean? BR owes St George that money? Here's some reporting from out in the UK, lol Wealthy white Louisiana residents win right to form their own city and split from poorer black neighborhoods in landmark court ruling after a 10-year battle | Daily Mail Online
  3. I was driving along Bluff Rd and spotted some alligators. They jumped off the log into the water when they saw me but you can kind of see them in the picture. There's also an egret.
  4. Speaking of clouds, I used the Doppler radar to find an opening in the clouds and was able to catch a nice glimpse of the eclipse near Atchafalaya. (Picture taken through eclipse glasses)
  5. dan326


    ^Well, lol! I skimmed through the master plan and saw they won't be having elephants anymore. Honestly that's probably a good idea as I read elephants go half crazy being locked up in captivity but I also think it's kind of lame as elephants are zoo headliners of sorts.
  6. Smh, maybe we should call the Preisdent since he knows how to handle pipelines.
  7. dan326


    Nope, the master plan said something like 2046 but we know atleast in state government time that could mean 2060. One critique I do have is that in the concept art the top portion of the entrance building was all glass like the middle portion. I think the current design is fine but maybe they should add some banners or murals to break up the grey.
  8. Ikr, that was an unlikely but great pivot by LSU.
  9. dan326


    I snapped a few picks of the new zoo entrance and it looks really good. They're also working on a beautiful new playground, I kind of wanted to go play on it myself lol!
  10. I wish, we'd be lucky to get a simple 12 story tower. Lol!
  11. I couldn't find this posted. ALDI buys land for another store at site of former mall in Baton Rouge According to Elifin Realty, ALDI has purchased “a 3-acre lot adjacent to the Amazon Fulfillment Center at the former Cortana Mall site.” The site is “directly adjacent” to where Big Lots used to be, Elifin Realty said. ALDI buys land for another store at site of former mall in Baton Rouge (yahoo.com)
  12. Former Walgreens at Staring and Perkins sold for $2.8 million; restaurant planned for site The former Walgreens at the corner of Staring Lane and Perkins Road has been sold for $2.8 million to a Lafayette investment group that plans to open a hot pot and Korean barbecue restaurant. Walgreens at Staring and Perkins sold for $2.8 million | Business | theadvocate.com
  13. That's interesting. You usually only think of faults being in California but but I guess they're everywhere. Where is the College Drive one? I'm sure I've seen it and it didn't register as a fault.
  14. Thanks! I'll have to take a look there one day. It's probably not the season for em yet but I went to Manchac park near south Jefferson Hwy but didn't see any.
  15. Hmm, I was thinking an LSU location would be better but come to think of it I don't know if they have anywhere with enough space.
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