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Proximity Hotel


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Wow I cant believe I missed this. The Proximiyt hotel was featured on NBC's today show back in June. click on the video link on the website. Also check out all the other national media publications that have made comments on the Proximity. Fortune Magizine even pick the Proximity as being one of the top 50 business hotels in the world! Greensboro is listed among big cities like Atlanta, Boston, Miami and Chicago.


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Last night, I did some exterior photo work for the Proximity Hotel. I cruised on over to Greensboro after New Years with a couple friends of mine and we spent an hour or so there looking over the building. It is a truly gorgeous hotel and one that I wish downtown Winston had (minus the parking lot). Hope you enjoy the photos!








Additional photos and larger sizes can be found here:


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Thanks for the wonderful photos!. Yes this is a downtown type hotel. Too bad its not actaully in downtown. The Proximity may not be the biggest hotel in Greensboro but in my opinion its the best in terms of architecture and interior design. The hotel is so unique its been mention in one national magazine as one of the top 50 business hotels in the world and was even mentioned on the CBS early show. THis is truly a gem for Greensboro.

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