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Proximity Hotel


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I understand what they (the architects) were trying to make the building look like, but I think they failed greatly. It's just a boring bland box with hardly any thought put into it. I don't know what they were trying to accomplish by putting brick in the back, but it doesn't blend well at all.

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Its suppose to look more like a textile mill rather than a hotel. The design itself isnt the problem. I think they should have gone completly brick instead of the concrete surface. A smoke stack could have added a more realistic touch with the name Proximity Hotel spelled on it in lighted letters.

There is a brick section but thats the restaurant.

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The construction pics make the place look boring and almost out of place, although visually, I think it fits well where it's built (although I'd like to see about 5 more floors added). Once the hotel is finished and some nice lighting is placed, the hotel will look awesome, I'm sure.

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Decorated shed?

Are any of you folks familiar with LEED construction? My wife and a couple of other folks in her firm are seeking LEED certification; do you guys know if GSO provides and sort of incentives for LEED certified projects?

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The hotel was named after the old Proximity Mill in Greensboro. It was the first textile mill in the city (late 1800s) and the building along with its smokestack still stands. That building is being converted to loft condos/office. but there is real historical context here. The old Proximity Mill is about a mile and a half north of downtown.
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I didnt relaize it but it looks like the Proximity Hotel even made the New York Times. The hotel developer striving to get gold certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System. If that happens, The proximity will become the second hotel in the country to get that certification. Gaia Napa Valley in California is the only hotel that has that certification today


Here is a view of the stream nearby







The stream is being restored





It doesnt look so bad after all

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