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  1. How can that even be debated by or bother anyone? As the old saying goes...the truth shall set you free! Don't forget that hugely successful Stadium Game. He was the main visionary behind that. The man is a leader and knows potential.
  2. Awesome!! Raleigh's becoming a fashion capital.
  3. Great analogy. Look at what the Sir Walter has become today. That's exactly where the North Raleigh Hilton is headed and to some extent has already become. Question is, does that fit the new Midtown Exchange vision. I would argue it doesn't.
  4. One can dream! Heck, why not a Mandarin Oriental or St. Regis...
  5. I've long argued that Raleigh needs more higher end hotels. The Omni helps with that need, but we will need a five star hotel like Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons. Of course there's the Umstead in Cary, but central Raleigh needs a popular luxury chain instead of a boutique.
  6. They lag far behind Hyatts and Marriotts in my opinion.
  7. That Hilton has been outdated for the last 30 years. It has been remodeled multiple times already. The time has come for them to demolish that hotel and build something more consistent with where that area is headed.
  8. So now the developers need to start thinking about upgrading the hotel game in that area. That North Raleigh Hilton as well as the lower end hotels/motels need to go.
  9. Due to the size and scope of the Midtown Exchange development, an athletic club of that size is desperately needed at that location. Great planning on their part.
  10. Drove by the Birney Park development today and it looks fantastic. Will really add a pop to the Hayes Barton neighborhood. https://beacon-street.com/raleigh-nc-new-homes/townhomes/birney-park/
  11. Midtown Exchange first tower looking grand this morning. Soon will be ready for occupancy. Can't wait until the second tower is built.
  12. Hey Gman. I'm spending the night in your city. Haven't been to G'ville in years, but i'm really impressed with the downtown. It comes off as a much larger urban city.
  13. This is probably the main reason why this area has not be overly developed up to this point. I'm sure that some developers would be very eager to snap up that land to put up more cheaply built apartments. Seems that the city and some prominent local developers always had their eyes set on some sort of professional sports arena or stadium to occupy that land.
  14. I'm thinking the same thing. This development does appear out of place now, but i'm sure with 4-5 years more of developing along the southern gateway, this area will be impressive when entering downtown.
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