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IN PROGRESS: Royal Bank of Scotland HQ

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With 500,000 sq. ft. I would think that the building would be closer to the 350 foot limit and be around 20 floors. This really is great news though. By the way....why IS there a height limit in Stamford? and what reject voted for it?

I have no idea, I think it was prabably an unstoppable collection of NIMBY's who where affraid that the tall buildings would destroy the village charm, or block out the sun or something equally stupid.

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Mark my words, Stamford will be Connecticut's biggest city within 20 years...

If Hartford wanted to become CT 's largest city, all they would have to do is annex West Hartford back into it's borders.

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Is this going to be the HQ for Citizens Bank? (based in Providence) Or is it going to be the RBS North American HQ?

There's a rumour that's been flying around Providence for the last year that Citizens is planning to build a new HQ in Providence. All indications are that RBS does not want to roll Citizens into the RBS brand and is happy to leave them running on their own, they've been doing a good job of it.

Supposedly the RBS HQ in Stamford is breaking ground this week.

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Royal Bank Of Scotland Building Rises In Stamford


UBS, Switzerland's biggest bank, pioneered Stamford as a parallel universe to Wall Street in the mid-1990s, when it built a 13-story headquarters building on the east side of the street, just north of the MetroNorth rail station. UBS' building features a space the company calls "the world's largest columnless" trading floor.

Now, as UBS workers anxiously await fall-out from the company's massive mortgage-related write-downs, RBS

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