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  1. That would be a great boost for that area, i wish they would get more damned housing in that area (Maybe AI Engineers should look into that aspect)...
  2. Untrue, the MTS Centre in Winnipeg holds 15,004 for hockey, and they just got a team...
  3. I too would take those buildings in Hartford in a second...
  4. I drive by there every day and there is little or no traffic. Like VoR said, I'm one of the people using it as a backdoor to downtown from Brainard Rd. The new magnet School there is nice, I believe it's the Sports Sciences one. Is there another over there too?
  5. ” Kissel said. “I’m not sure we are maximizing the full potential.” Yeah, and I'm not sure the world is round...
  6. I think MSG is above ground. If they can build the Eisenhower Tunnel a mile through the Continental Divide, I'd imagine they can make a street through a raised arena. I suppose the problem then is the cost, though it would definitely make entrances to whatever garage would inevitably be attached convenient...
  7. Can't they raise the arena a bit? How about making it above a street, like having a small portion of Church St or Main St go through a tunnel, the tunnel being the arena above the street...
  8. Who says the Onion isn't real? We're living that dream right now...
  9. I'm sure a ton of people would be more than happy to move into small apartments downtown so long as they are affordable and not killing you in the wallet...
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