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  1. Yeah, not surprised. I mean, Im sure they wont build out the extra locker rooms etc, but they will be 95% there and any team owner can do that last 10-20 mill in work
  2. http://www.airliners.net/aviation-forums/general_aviation/print.main?id=6562464 So it appears to be just a rumor, but one based on some facts. the web community thought it a bad idea though.. who knows.
  3. I was thinking about the NHL and relocation last night as I do from time to time... The Canes have been rumored for relocation and for sale. also their attendance is terrible. So, if some kind soul could buy the canes ?(about 220 million) and move em back to Hartford, that would be cool right... but how about if that same person committed to not being a dick, and said, hey, we are and have always been the whalers, so, we will contimue to be your canes as well... rebrand Whale... 100% but commit to playing 10 games per year in Carolina for the long haul. (maybe even a couple of those in Charlotte) Sell Whalers gear in both markets, get tv contracts in both markets, essentially make sure your fan base lives on in both markets. This would have to add value to your team and make you additional money. it also seemingly would increase demand in both markets for tickets.
  4. that would be good. I think part of the reason is because they re-stock during those hours and the store is too cramped to be open while re-stocking if the new store is considerably larger they can re-stock during opening hours and then extend the hours. especially if they have expanded food options. im sure the downtown residents would support that.
  5. I posted that 5 comments ago on June 3rd... I finally had info Luca didnt!!! YAY lol of course I then forgot it. joking aside, the Pharmacy should take up most of the old bank lobby I assume, but Im not sure because I have not looked in and around there with all the scaffolding. the apartment lobby surely has some of that space too. I am curious how many SF will be added and what the new space will look like... Meaning additional products and or services. Im sure there will be some additional food options which will make people happy. Google is amazing stuff... I didnt realize that CVS opened in 1992 and its 6600 SF http://articles.courant.com/1992-10-10/business/0000111417_1_cvs-drugstore-downtown-lease-drugstore-chain With how busy that place is, I could imagine CVS going whole hog here. maybe even include a minute clinic Nationally they average 13,000 SF.
  6. I was just thinking about where we are in our march towards a sustainable city center. We are not there yet, obviously, but I dont think we are terribly far from it. Summer of 2016, will see loads of street life as the apartments that are currently open fill up. this includes Spectra, 777 Main, 179 Allyn, 201 Ann, and Front Street. I would imagine that a few new bars/restaurants open up for summer also as that increased population has to bring something with it. and the baseball stadium will be open bringing some additional foot traffic. Im not worried about this simple prediction because its essentiall inevitable at this point, but I am unsure when we will see any further significant changes. In theory, the DONO development will be underway near the stadium bringing 180 apartments and a hotel, and the Raddison might be underway to make 150 apartments, but those wont affect the city till 2017 at the earliest. Also, the Hartford office supply building and Capewell, wont be renting up till fall of 2016 I dont hink, and they are on the peripheral. Basically, what I am saying is that we have at least 2 years from today with almost no new housing coming to downtown... NONE, (ok, 6 units on Lewis Street) By 2018, Hollander II, DONO, Hartford Office, raddison, and Capewell will I suppose collectively raise the bar as Uconn opens and the commuter rail is operational, but we still dont have anything solidly on paper for any time inbetween in downtown. Lets hope AI Engineers can get things at 3 Constitution Plaza moving, and more importantly that 101/111 Pearl can somehow get started.. That Pearl street property is our next big chance at making a difference. since it has 200 units associated with it. lets hope the developers find money to make it happen. am I missing anything... Its kinda sad that there isnt anything else major on the downtown pipeline
  7. BB, its basically replacing 150 apartments with a hotel that im guessing would be between 150 and 200 rooms. there will still be "about 180" apartments in this first building. Also, the total development is still at around 800 apartments even with the reduction, so its not the end f the world, but whatever. At least its more likely to support its own resturant/bar
  8. New Renderings released recently http://wtnh.com/2015/10/15/new-plans-unveiled-for-old-new-haven-coliseum-site/ interesting and kinda silly qute “We are now in a very very positive place. Between Boston and New York we are probably the hottest city in terms of investment and people making from all around the city are adding to the strength of this,” said Matthew Nemerson of the New Haven Economic Development. I mean, There is a crap load happening in Hartford, and an 850 Million development happening in Springfield. I am not sure thats a well thought out comment. also, Stamford whipes the floor with everything else. and Steel point alone is rediculous
  9. Centerplan addressed the lack of construction on the first parcel after the ballpark. They were supposed to Start this month, but have now deferred to spring (I dont like this but I get it, the schedule is too tight for the ballpark, so they needed to focus resources) in that announcement they also now are adding a Hotel... YAY.... but they are eliminating apartments... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to me, this is a net loss and it vexes me. total crap here. Id think that with leases coming ahead of plan for ALL of the new apartments in Hartford, the developer would NOT scale anything back and might even increase the number of residential units. http://www.courant.com/community/hartford/hc-hartford-downtown-north-hotel-1024-20151023-story.html this piece says "Robert Landino, chief executive of the developer, Centerplan Cos., said the number of rentals would be reduced by about 150 apartments to about 180" a link from HBJ says the residential is unchanged though... http://www.hartfordbusiness.com/article/20151023/NEWS01/151029948
  10. We can probably un-pin this now. its open and renting up fast We may well want to talk about the retail aspect though... Blue State coffee is the only tenent, and they are already open. Nothing else that I have heard of besides that.
  11. Jim, I dont think Air Jamaica exists any more. I used to travel there for work A LOT, and my recollection is that they merged with Trinidad air or something like that and are now carribean Air. this is all from stupid brain parts, because I missed my delta flight home and woulda been stuck there till Sunday night, so a little research got me onto the last flight outta MBJ and it was a direct flight to JFK. It was interesting. I do think though that SOMEONE should run direct BDL to MBJ. Im not sure how it isnt happening but whatever. New London seems a bad idea. If thats the airport in Groton, and I am pretty sure it is, they have a HUGE issue with birds on and around the runway. I cant imagine that going well. That said, I would like to see some cool little flights to places like Block Island, Newport, Marthas Vineyard, maybe even Easthampton (they likely wouldnt allow commercial traffic)
  12. thats a long time from now, is that because of equipment?
  13. Aer Lingus looks to be coming to Hartford. This is a great match since it was recently bought by BA which means it will likely be doing codeshares with AA and others. I think Aer Lingus is partnered with jet Blue, which may continue after the merger. but im sure they will do code share on one world... I really hope this comes to pass and that it sticks around long term. Dublin has good connections in Europe, and BDL has pretty decent connections in the US on partner airlines AA and Jet Blue http://onw.innosked.com/(S(pngecs552gfii055kcxl5r45))/Default.aspx?show=MAP
  14. Hey guys, I toured these apartments the other day. they are awesome. I saw a really nice work/live units. it has an office attached to it that also has its own door. so like if you were for example a therepist, you could meet clients in your office and they have their own door, then you also have a extremely nice apartment right there. those units open right to the big common room which is nice enough to hold meetings or parties in.. I dare say if it had a liquir liscence and a bar temder, it would be the coolest bar in town. Its beautiful, and cool at the same time. http://cdn.homes.com/cgi-bin/readimage/4245961922 http://cdn.homes.com/cgi-bin/readimage/4245961663 This same room has a library that opens into it and a really nice movie theater that seats like 20 and hooks to netflix etc.. It was not a surprize to find out they are a full month ahead of their proforma right now in leasing. Im guessing success here and at the other buildings is gonna lead to some really cool announcements in the next year or 2
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