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What are the strengths of your city? Where do you see your city in 5, 10, 20 yrs etc. What gives your city an edge over other GA cities?

Strengths for Columbus:

1) Largest corporate base outside Atlanta with AFLAC, Synovus, TSYS (world's largest credit card processor), Carmike Cinemas (3rd largest movie chain), Bill Heard (nations largest Chevrolet dealership with locations all over America, also the nations largest GM parts supplier), Hughston Orthopedic Hospital ( nation's first hospital designed specifically to treat patients with sports or activity-related injuries and disorders.

2) Fort Benning: 3rd largest military installation. Expected growth will bring in an additional 31,000 new residents to Columbus by 2008. 1 billion+ in new construction on base.

3) Columbus State University: current enrollment is 8,000 and is one of the fastest growing universities in Georgia. $50 million in new development downtown with new classroom buildings, two 5-story dorm buildings, and a 500-space 5-story parking deck.

4) Retail growth is at an all-time high with new restaurants, retail stores, hotels, etc. under construction.

5) Muscogee Technology Park is under construction in east Columbus. Park is around 1500 acres I believe. Goal is too attract high-tech international companies.

6) Housing market is on fire with new homes, condos, townhomes, and apartments construction.

7) Low cost of living makes Columbus a desirable location to move to.

8) Proximity to Atlanta. It's only 95 miles to downtown and only 80 or so to Hartsfield Int.

9) Progressive leadership is a key to Columbus's success. Also, strong support from Columbus's citizens to make things happen.

I will be glad to share more later on where I see Columbus in the future. Tell us about your city.

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Newnan at one time was one of the richest ciites in the country. It was big textile town. It also has a beautiful historic district.

It really is a beautiful traditional Southern town. Lots of Antebellum and Victorian Homes, a 100-year old courthouse, and a functional downtown square.

If anybody is interested, they are holding the bi-annual "Taste of Newnan" this Thursday evening. Many of the local restaurants will participate and there will be a live band.

Small town fun for those who dare to venture OTP. :thumbsup:

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where in Newnan are you from?

Currently I live in SummerGrove. We moved here about 2-1/2 years ago. I grew up in Peachtree City, before it became the "it" place down hear. I moved around a bunch with work Europe (twice), California, and the Northside of Atlanta, before returning "home" to the Southside of town.

Newnan's great because not only is it growing and getting some neat additions, but it has a lot of history.

I don't know if these things have been brought up on this board, but there are several notable developments happening here:

- New Justice Center to open January 2006. (Will have a profound effect on spaces vacated in and around the square by judges and related offices.)

- Lifestyle Center retail complex being developed by Thomas Enterprises. (Could put the final nail in the coffin for Shannon Mall up the road.)

- New mixed-use development to be built in Sharpsburg by Pathway Communities (Builder of SummerGrove and Avery Park - formerly Peachtree City Development).

- The current battle to build a new hospital in Coweta County. (Current Management vs. upstart group of local doctors.)

- and many other lesser developments...

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Dalton has become the leading retail center for Northwest Georgia and the area continues to grow. Dalton has experienced white flight to the more rural areas of northern and western Whitfied Co. as well as to neighboring Murray, Gordon and Catoosa. The overall population is very diverse for a town of its size.

Dalton State College is the newest four-year college in the University System and enrollment continues to grown and degree programs are being added almost every fall semester. Dalton Utilities has wired the infrastructure with fiber-optical communications cables, making high-speed internet available throughout the city and in densely settled adjoining unincorporated areas. Hamilton Medical Center is being expanded and more services are being added. Retail sales continue to grow as two large shopping areas are planned or under construction including a town center style development. Also, the proximity to Atlanta and Chattanooga means retail, entertainment, and medical ammenities are not far away and some exurban overflow is coming from these two areas.

On the downside, the economy is heavily dependent on one industry-carpet. The result, during economic downturns, this industry being so heavily tied to housing construction, has massive layoffs and while unemployment is currently among the lowest in the state, has reached into the double digits. Also, this is an industry which relies on unskilled labor, so there is a "brain drain" to areas were more professional and white collar jobs exist.

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Augusta- Id say its greatest strengths are the Medical Industry, Fort Gordon, SRS, and its Historic importance. Id also say its size, (Ga.'s 2nd largest city and metro area) and growth are also up there.

Its greatest weaknesses are Political corruption within the city and the worst sprawl in the state outside of Atlanta.

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I'd add the Masters to Augusta's strengths... Without them, it's just a dot on the map, but because of (arguably) the world's most famous golf course, the city has worldwide name recognition... Most people still know nothing about the city, but they at least know OF Augusta... The river and the canal are two more strengths that have only begun to realize their true potential.

Socaguy nailed the biggest weaknesses. I'd also add that there's still too much reliance on unstable industries, like manufacturing and SRS. Recent layoffs at SRS and the devastating closure of Avondale Mills reenforce this fact...

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Augusta- Id say its greatest strengths are the Medical Industry, Fort Gordon, SRS, and its Historic importance. Id also say its size, (Ga.'s 2nd largest city and metro area) and growth are also up there.

Its greatest weaknesses are Political corruption within the city and the worst sprawl in the state outside of Atlanta.

I second that on the political corruption. I know politics can get dirty, but it seems that in Augusta everyone is rolling around in the mud. I remember a few years ago, when Bill Lumpkin, the lawyer who killed his client, and all of those MCG doctors got busted along with Robin Williams, Augusta (and I'm not making this up) had the most people incarcerated with doctorate degrees in the country.

I also think that the Masters plays a huge role in who we are. Golf is huge in this town. There are golf courses on every corner and most charge at least 30-40 bucks for green fees. Our young people play golf, Richmond Academy is still the powerhouse of the South when it comes to golf, and ASU can hold its own when it plays Duke, Georgia Tech, Arizona, etc. I hade a point and I'm not sure how those things are strengths exactly, but I'll let you guys know later. :D

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