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  1. You guys have been posting some great pictures lately. Suburban George, those are some great pictures of the botanical gardens. I haven't been there in a long time, so it was good to see some pics of the place. Nice job capturing the skyline, Hybrid! Not many places offer that kind of view. (That shot of 1180 Peachtree Street looks great, too!) Also, nice vid, Jersey Boy. All these pics are making me hope I get some more time in the city sometime soon...
  2. ^Good song. I'm currently listening to "He's Got that Something Special" by George Strait, as well as anything else on his new album Twang that was released a couple days ago.
  3. Well, I seem to be the only country fan on here. I'm currently listening to "How Long Gone" by Brooks and Dunn.
  4. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what the Centennial Place development is looking like. Any of our Statesboro forumers have any updates? The last thing I saw on it was this article from the George-Anne Daily.
  5. Right now, I'm opposed to consolidating Bulloch County and Statesboro. I like Statesboro the way it is right now. I also don't like the tax issue. I don't want to ruin the city's density either. If the city and county do consolidate, I do believe the result would be the second largest city in the continental US in area--Jacksonville, FL, is the largest at 767 sq miles of land alone since it merged with Duval County. EDIT: According to Wikipedia, we'd be the fourth largest in area in the continental US, behind Jacksonville, FL, and Anaconda and Butte, Montana. We'd be the eighth largest in the entire US behind the aforementioned cities and a few Alaskan cities (all of which rank ahead of Jacksonville and the others). Also, I'm pinning this topic. I hope it gets a good discussion going.
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