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  1. What a complete joke that survey is.
  2. I swear if we can pull this off it will really put us in another league.
  3. But who are these people who are hiding this information from the public?
  4. Apparently they're still playing 96 Wave online. I agree, the station went WAY downhill in the last few years (much like 99X in Atlanta) but it was still much better than 98X. I guess I'm stuck with 100.5 and 105.5 (though not bad stations, they're not really cutting edge). There are rumors that it may come back on another frequency.
  5. What happened to 96 Wave???? I used to listen to it in Augusta and now its gone!!!
  6. Where on 9th Street I wonder? I'm trying to think of where the 900 block is. It must be between Telfair and Walton Way. Either way it sounds like great news for the city. I'm with Socaguy. One can only hope that isn't not a strip mall.
  7. Hey did y'all hear about this? Castleberry Plant Shuts Down for Week This is insane!! Our plant caused botulism?
  8. ^ Haha. Just relax Gah. Take deep breaths and it'll be okay. We're just mighty proud of our South Carolina connections.
  9. How has Columbus not surpassed Augusta in quality of life? I'm not sure. That's why I'm asking you. I've never been to Columbus, so I'm not sure what the quality of life is like there. You've obviously been to Augusta, so what are some of the ways in which Columbus has surpassed Augusta in the quality of life department?
  10. How has Columbus passed it in quality of life?
  11. Memphis, Durham, and Augusta are known for their hospitals. Houston is on another level though just due to the sheer size of its hospitals.
  12. Pillsbury

    Aiken County

    You know, that's interesting you say that. Most of the gays and lesbians I've known lived in North Augusta.
  13. ^ Exactly. Spend spend spend. That's all we know how to do. We owe money to nations all over the world. I mean, we owe money to Mexico!!! What is that? Mexico of all places. I don't see how someone complaining about malls makes them a communist. I don't see how someone pointing out the fact that our culture is obsessed with "stuff" of every persuasion makes them a communist. Our culture is dying and no one seems to care, basically because they're too busy trying on their new shirt or playing on their video game or whatever. It's insane!!!!
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