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Robinson Flats - Robinson rd. & Lake Drive.


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Looks like a proposed development right near lake dr. and Robinson rd.


Not sure how the community will receive this, That intersection can be difficult and Robinson is a path for many coming downtown from the east.

Robinson already has major issues with traffic speed and lack of pedestrian friendly markings.

They will be demoing at least 4 buildings and displacing those businesses.  It may be good to drive a bit more foot traffic to that area.


I do think that the look is not a great fit and more could be done to fit into the feel of the area.


Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 12.46.27 PM.png

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Infill is great, and while the buildings that are there appear to be in good shape, there's nothing special about them that will be missed.

But the ground floor is awful and needs to have more retail and more transparency. First floor residential requires a special use permit, right? I don't think it should be approved in this case (especially because we're only talking about three units...)

The architecture could also be improved to fit better with the surroundings. 

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I suppose I want to know is...why there?

There are a number of empty plots in the Uptown area that I would think would be far easier to get building on than this, which is going to go through the mill if the ECA comes out against it, which I'm almost certain they will.

And the initial rendering wont make it hard for them.

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1 hour ago, Pattmost20 said:

Which buildings are they proposing tearing down? I'm having a hard time placing this?

There are two single story buildings (grassy knoll and commune), a two story building (I thinks it’s a salon?) and a multi-family residential unit. Plus a surface lot. 

It’s a decent location for something with more density, but I’d think a developer would have to bring there a-game and wow people. This seems about a sold “C” game. :)


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Article in MiBiz on Sunday. Not a whole lot of new info but a couple of notes:

-One level parking deck below the building (this seems to disagree with the site plans posted above but makes sense given what appears to be a garage door on the eastern end)

-Wheeler is pursuing brownfield incentives

-They will also be hosting an informational/feedback meeting for the neighborhood on Monday the 28th in the parking lot behind 1409 Robinson.


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